How to register a company in Belize quickly in 2021

How to register a company in Belize quickly in 2021

Belize is a country in Central America, that gained an independence from Britain in 1981. The government is focused on attracting new investments, so registering a company in Belize is a decision in favor of a successful business both in America and around the world.

What you need to register a company in Belize

You need to know, that the legal system is based on a common law. The main law, that governs business in Belize, is the International Business Companies Act, 1990.

A form of incorporation of Belize companies:
  • a Limited Partnership;
  • an International Business Company;
  • a Private Company;
  • a General Partnership.

The most common are IBC and LLC. It should, also, be noted, that the law provides for the registration of a company in Belize remotely.

Opening a business in Belize

The establishment of a commercial enterprise begins with the selection of an acceptable name. It should reflect the legal form of the company and be distinctive from existing names. The name should not contain obscene or derogatory words, as well as words from the list of prohibited.

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A direct registration of a company in Belize begins after the approval of the name. It is necessary to submit a Charter and an agreement between the founders to the Registrar. The contract must state:

  • a company name;
  • an office address, that is issued in Belize;
  • the agent address;
  • company incorporation goals in Belize;
  • a certificate of a declared authorized capital.

Upon the completion of the procedure, the Registrar issues the relevant Registration Certificate. The managerial structure must necessarily include the director and the shareholder (an individual or a legal entity).

Belize tax system

International companies (IBCs), that conduct business and make profits outside of Belize, are exempt from a corporate tax. But, such a company must pay a state fee, the amount of which depends on the authorized capital. There is no exchange control for IBC.

Opening a company in Belize

Registering a Belize company, taking into account all preparatory measures and the delivery of documentation, takes about 2 weeks. YB Case will help you to register a company in Belize, and will assist in opening an account with a Belize bank.

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