LLP registration in England in 2020

LLP registration in England in 2020

Registering a foreign company in one of the world financial centers is the aspiration of almost every entrepreneur. The UK is considered to be such a fixed center. The most popular form of incorporation is LLP in England. Our competent lawyers will be able to assist with the registration of LLP in England.

What you need to know

It is possible to register a company in England in any available forms of company registration in this territory. Among such legal forms, LLP in England remains the most popular. Without a doubt, registering an LLP company in England has its own characteristics. One of these is a mandatory registered office in the UK.

At the legislative level in the UK standard tax rates are provided. At the same time, a partnership registration in England provides for a zero taxation. This is one of the most important LLP registration privileges in England. Since the company will not conduct business in the UK, and, also, does not plan to receive an income there, it will not be a tax resident of the country. From this the taxation of the company is equal to zero. Registering an LLP in England provides for the payment of taxes at the place of residence of its founders. Moreover, if you decide to register an LLP in the UK, the number of founders cannot be less than 2 individuals or legal entities.

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Establishing a UK partnership provides for maintaining and filing annual financial statements with the Companies House. The partners bear their responsibility, presented in the contributed shares, predetermined and prescribed in the registration documents.

The registered capital, when registering an LLP in England, does not have clearly stated requirements, it is conditional. Nevertheless, YB Case advises to contribute the proposed registered capital in the amount of £1,000.

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an alternative type of business structure, that is popular among entrepreneurs, and LLP registration in England is the key to success for your business activity.


LLP registration takes from 2 business days. A payment of fees or government fees will be included in the cost of registering a British partnership.

It is also possible to open a partnership in England remotely. For individuals and legal entities, the required documentation is different. To set up an LLP in England, you must present:

  • A passport;
  • The proof of place of residence.
Legal entities will need to file:
  • A set of documents for the company;
  • Passports of all founders of the company.

Registering an LLP in England is a conduct of international business, owning a tax-free tool.

How to register an english company?

We will give you choices, if you decide to buy an LLP in the UK. For those entrepreneurs, who already own a British partnership, we will be able to help in opening an account with a UK bank for a partnership. Our customers can also take such advantage as the “turnkey partnership registration in the UK”.

Our company will provide professional advice and assistance in registering a partnership in the UK.

The cost of support in registering an LLP in England is from 1350 EUR.
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