Company registration in Ajman

Company registration in Ajman

Due to its favourable business climate, the United Arab Emirates attracts increasingly large numbers of foreign entrepreneurs. Please note that doing business in the UAE requires registering a company in the Emirates; another option is to register a company in a free economic zone or a free zone.

One of such zones is the Ajman Free Zone (or AFZA). Conveniently located near major international airports and the seaport of Ajman, it’s particularly suitable for doing business in the UAE. Since its foundation in 1988, the Ajman Free Zone has been rapidly gaining popularity among foreign entrepreneurs.

YB Case experts will be happy to provide you with qualified assistance in the registration of a company in Ajman. By enlisting our services, you can obtain a UAE visa and a tax certificate. Please note that business owners in the Emirates are offered a physical or virtual office, warehouse or a land plot. You can lease land in Ajman for 20 years with the possibility of extension for the same period.


there is no possibility to buy an office in the Emirates; it can only be rented. Offices are divided into several types. The list of available renting options includes Smart Office и Executive Office.

If you decide to open a company in Ajman, you will be exempt from taxes and customs duties for 40 years. There is no restriction on the transfer of profits and repatriation of capital. Businessmen are under no obligation to choose a port for importing and exporting goods, either.

Those looking to open an offshore in Ajman (which is a tax-free zone) or register an offshore in the FEZ can choose from two legal forms of ownership:

  • FZE
  • FZC

The first one (i.e. Free Zone Entity) is a company owned by only one legal entity or individual. The second one (i.e. Free Zone Company) is a company that has several legal/individual owners simultaneously.

Please note that it is also possible to register a company in Ajman remotely.

Opening a company in Ajman for a non-resident requires obtaining a license in the UAE according to the declared type of activity.


  • a trading license;
  • an industrial license;
  • a national industrial license;
  • a service license;
  • E-Commerce (IT);
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  • obtaining a license for trading activities costs from 3000 dirhams (about 817 US dollars).
  • obtaining a license for the provision of services costs from 5,000 dirhams (about 1361 US dollars).
  • obtaining a license for industrial activities costs from 7,000 dirhams (about 1906 US dollars).

Those seeking to establish a firm in Ajman should keep in mind that the Ajman Free Zone Government allows companies registered in this jurisdiction to pay licence fees under a variety of special payment plans.

If you decide to open a company in the SEZ Ajman UAE, you will need the following documents:

  • a valid license;
  • a trade register certificate;
  • a certificate of a participation;
  • a certificate of incorporation (if you wish to register a foreign branch in Ajman).

There are no requirements for additional security measures, nor are there any restrictions on the choice of activities.

If you have a business in Ajman, you are guaranteed to receive financial support from local investors.

After registering a company in Ajman, you will need to open a bank account in the UAE. Please note that YB Case experts are always ready to provide you with qualified advice on choosing the most convenient bank in this jurisdiction. You will also have to open a corporate account in Ajman. Opening an account in Ajman takes several days; opening an account with a foreign bank in Ajman takes up to two weeks.

Looking to register a firm in Ajman? Please, consider contacting YB Case. Our experts will also be happy to provide you with assistance in remote establishment of a company in the UAE.

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