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Company registration in Georgia

Company registration in Georgia

* The information from the registers of beneficiaries and directors is available only after preliminary registration

Georgia is the southeastern US state, surrounded by the states of South and North Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Atlanta.

Especially in the late 90s and the beginning of the new millennium, many investors decided to register a company in Georgia due to the low tax rate. In 2019, the beneficiaries are attracted not only by the flexible tax rate, but also by the wide business opportunities, qualified personnel, state grants and a developed banking sector. Georgia's nickname is “Peach State”. The cultivation of other fruits and vegetables, peanuts, sugarcane is also of industrial importance in the state. The textile industry predominates (especially carpet weaving), as well as a forestry and a woodworking, the chemical and engineering industry, electronics are developed in the cities.

In the field of natural resource development, it is rational to establish a company in Georgia, that is engaged in mining and processing of natural building materials.

Georgia is also an important tourist and trade center of the United States, especially attracting tourists Georgia Aquarium and Coca-Cola World (the headquarters of Coca-Cola). Atlanta has the headquarters of Delta Air Lines, as well as CNN News Channel.

In connection with the above, the service sector and the food industry are developed in Georgia.

It will be profitable to set up a company in Georgia in the field of logistics, insurance, banking, tourism, light industry, mining, construction and IT.

Corporate forms common in the state

  • a Public Limited Company (PLS);
  • a Free Zone Facility (FZ LLC);
  • the LLC (SM LLC / MM LLC);
  • a Limited Partnership (LLP);
  • a Private Entrepreneur (SP);
  • a Corporation in Georgia (S-Corporation, C-Corporation);
  • a Representative Office (RO).

The first three options are chosen by the majority of those, who wish to open a commercial firm in the USA.

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A tax system

In tax terms, it is important to apply different rates to different legal forms. The USA is a federal state, its US taxes include a federal, a state, and a regional.





Multi Member


Single Member LLC




a field of activity

any business

a family business

a production and the export trade


any business

any business

professional services


a corporate tax









sales and use taxes








How to register a company in Georgia remotely?

It is possible to open a company remotely in Georgia, in a week, while the requirements are minimal:

  • to register a unique trade name with clarification of the legal form;
  • to submit documents of the director/shareholder (not necessarily residents, legal or physical persons);
  • to open an account with an American bank;
  • to submit data to the public registry;
  • to appoint a local agent.

YB Case specialists are ready to provide legal support and advice on all matters of registering a business in Georgia. You will be required to file an annual tax return thereafter.

You can open a bank account in the USA in one of the following banks:

  • Southwest Georgia Bank;
  • Northeast Georgia Bank;
  • Georgia Primary Bank;
  • Georgia Bank & Trust;
  • South Georgia Bank;
  • Southwest Georgia Bank;
  • Northeast Georgia Bank;
  • West Central Georgia Bank.

For all questions you have about the establishment of the company in Georgia, you can contact the specialists of our company. Specialized experts of YB Case will provide legal advice on registering a new business in Georgia, obtaining Georgian licenses. You can also order legal advice on opening an account with a Georgian bank.

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