Belarus allowed online casinos in 2018 - YB Case 2023

Belarus allowed online casinos

Belarus allowed online casinos

Belarus does not cease to amaze: in recent years, the state has been developing rapidly, creating new business opportunities (for example, recently you can open a company to work with ICO in Belarus).

Literally in early August 2018, the head of the Republic of Belarus signed a decree “On improving the legal regulation of gambling”. Thus, the government decided to legalize the gambling business, which for a long time was “outlawed”.

The above document governs:

  • licensing of activities (in order to engage in online casinos you need to register a Belarusian company and to obtain a gambling license in Belarus);
  • a taxation of online casinos in Belarus.

It also refers to special requirements and conditions, including:

  • a guarantee deposit on a special account (it will be used to pay out winnings and settle with the budget, in case there is no money from the business owner);
  • remote access to online casino tax services (to monitor the turnover of the establishment and verify the identity of visitors);
  • the age of visitors and participants of the casino must be 21 years old;
  • the presence of a video surveillance, which will fix participants in gambling and payment of money to them.

What are the goals of government agencies:

Such innovations are primarily associated with intentions of state bodies to reduce the outflow of money abroad.

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Prospects and opportunities:

The decree, regulating the operation of the virtual casino, is a progress for conservative Belarus, but total control by the tax authorities is alarming for businessmen.

How to open an online casino in Belarus?

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