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Business support

Specializing in the financial and legal sectors (including fintech, international business, M&A transactions and dispute resolution), YB Case provides assistance at all stages of your business.

Based on the regulatory regime in a particular jurisdiction, we can and are ready to provide you with the most optimal and exclusive solutions for your projects. Our extensively experienced team of experts will analyse your upcoming deals for compliance with an applicable law and help you identify the most optimal way of fulfilling your contractual obligations. They can also give you a hand with allocating risks between the parties to an agreement.

Our services include:

  1. Operating business. We are ready to provide you with assistance in entering a new market. If your in-house lawyers do not have an international license, our narrow experts will help them deal with laws in a chosen jurisdiction. Our professional advisors will analyse your upcoming business deal, performing DD of all possible risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. In case of a commercial dispute, we will not only help you find the most optimal way of resolving it, but also represent your interests during the conflict resolution process.
  2. Startups. As practice shows, recently established companies often need to have a good understanding of the regulation of a particular activity in a particular country. Failure to do so may result in adverse consequences for their business and even lead to their bankruptcy. Our specialists will provide assistance with starting a business and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for a selected activity.
  3. One-off deal. Need to close an M&A deal? Looking to enter into a partnership? Seeking to conclude a cooperation agreement with foreign partners? YB Case can handle all that and a lot more. Our company offers due diligence services and is ready to provide recommendations on specific areas of international law. YB Case can protect and promote the interests of our clients by communicating with their partners on their behalf.
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