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Partnership with YB Case
One of the keys to a successful business is having trusted and reliable partners.
  • We strongly believe that cooperation with other companies is essential to providing efficient and professional services to our clients. Our company welcomes mutually beneficial cooperation with individuals and organizations providing legal and consulting services.
  • We are certified registration agents in the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other jurisdictions. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in business consulting. Working with a qualified international firm is a wise decision for businesses.

The benefits of partnering with YB Case

  • a full range of registration services;
  • ensuring the full life cycle of the company after its registration (solving administrative, accounting, and legal issues);
  • working with top talent for efficient problem-solving;
  • prompt and high-quality services;
  • cost savings through effective pricing policies;
  • unified approach to task resolution;
  • expanding business operations to new foreign markets.

We are open to the following forms of cooperation:

  • Providing legal and consulting services to our partner's clients on a subcontract;
  • Bringing partners on board to provide specialized services to our clients;
  • Recommending our partner's professional services to our clients;
  • Rewarding partners for recommending our services to their customers;
  • Offering discounts on our services to our partner;
  • Ongoing experience sharing.
We are willing to explore any alternative forms and ways of cooperation suggested by potential partners.
Our cooperation principles:

Providing complete support and maintenance.

We prioritize constant information exchange to ensure continued work and the resolution of cases. If needed, we assign a manager to each of our partners to help them close deals.

We value transparency and trust.

We aim to be transparent and keep our partners updated on the progress of resolving their clients' cases by providing reports, scheduling phone calls, and occasionally involving them in working groups with clients to allow them to closely follow the process.

Financial rewards.

We believe in a mutually beneficial partnership that centers on financial rewards and expect our potential partners to share our principles.

How to become our partner:
  1. Contact us using the information provided;
  2. Negotiate the cooperation framework with a duly authorized representative;
  3. Sign the required agreement based on our type of collaboration;
  4. Begin a productive partnership.
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