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Company registration in Slovakia

Company registration in Slovakia

If you are planning to register a company in Slovakia, then consider the following business advantages of this jurisdiction:

  • Flexible tax system;
  • No dividend tax;
  • Reimbursement of value added tax, tax incentives for large business investment projects;
  • Free trade with EU countries;
  • Corporate tax rate of 21%;
  • Convenient, European simple reporting system for enterprises;
  • Reliable capital protection.

The most priority areas for startups are: purchase/sale of real estate, restaurant business, hotel business, IT, medicine.

Slovakia is a small industrial country located in Central Europe. It is part of the European Union.

The most developed sectors of the economy are: tourism, electronics, information technology, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, automotive, chemical and oil industries.

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Every year, the Slovak Republic is rapidly improving conditions for conducting international business, that attract an increasing number of interested entrepreneurs.

Legal forms

In order to set up your own business in the Slovak Republic, you will need to choose one of the business entity types:

  • LLP (KS).
  • Limited liability company (S.R.O.);
  • Public limited company (more than 50 participants).

The most popular form of doing business in Slovakia is a S.R.O.

Registration requirements

In order to register a Slovak company remotely, you should meet the following conditions:

  • The share capital (minimum 5,000 euros);
  • The number of directors (minimum 1);
  • The number of shareholders (minimum 1);
  • Registration of a unique company name;
  • Registration of legal address;
  • Company income after deduction of corporate tax and expenses (not less than 12 500 euros);
  • Preparation of related documents.

The submission of financial statements, as well as an audit of the company are the mandatory requirements for those, who are intended to open a company in Slovakia.

How to register a Slovak company?

You can receive qualified advice on registering a business in Slovakia remotely and opening a corporate account with a Slovak bank from YB Case professional team.

For more information, please call our office and request for an appointment with YB Case experts.

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