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Legal Analysis

Before establishing a business abroad, you need to understand what regulatory requirements your business will need to comply with and what difficulties may arise in the process. YB Case has extensive expertise in different legal systems, which allows our experts to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your activities in accordance with the legislation of a particular jurisdiction.

By contacting us, you will be able to get a comprehensive analysis of your business area and regulatory requirements. We take into account all the specifics of your needs and legal regulation in each jurisdiction.
Conducting a legal analysis of future contracts and deals is immensely important because it ensures compliance with applicable laws in a particular jurisdiction and guarantees protection of the rights of the parties to a contract/deal.

Legal analysis is necessary in the following areas:

  • conclusion of all types of contracts (including purchase agreement, hiring, leasing);
  • investment deals;
  • setting up a trust fund;
  • M&A transactions;
  • dispute resolution (including judicial and pre-judicial methods); and
  • other legal cases.

Legal analysis is also absolutely vital for the processing of documents prepared by your counterparties or government officials (e.g. injunctions and court decisions). Our company will help you check such documents for validity, thus protecting your rights and interests.

Being a kind of legal analysis, Legal Due Diligence is particularly important for M&A transactions. It allows business people to know the future contract profit. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive assistance in the due diligence procedure for M&A transactions by:

  • analyzing investments projects and their possible outcome;
  • reviewing legal documentation relating to M&A transactions;
  • analysing your company’s financial condition.

Not only will due diligence allow you to identify unwanted risks, it will also help you avoid concluding unprofitable transactions.

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