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Features of jurisdiction

Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates in the UAE, but despite this, it is one of the most popular places for foreign investors to establish a company in the UAE. Because of its excellent location and ease of access, many entrepreneurs wish to establish their businesses in Ajman. The emirate is located on the Persian Gulf coast, near Umm Al Qaiwain and Sharjah. Another factor influencing businessmen seeking favorable conditions for their company in the UAE is Ajman Free Economic Zones. And registering a business in Ajman is a relatively simple and quick process.

  • Demanded business sectors

    The most popular areas of business activity in Ajman are: IT, business services, trade, manufacturing, shipping, and logistics due to its internal politics and territorial features.

  • Remote registration is an option.

    Remote company registration is not permitted or possible in Ajman, UAE.

  • Corporate taxation

    Ajman's corporate tax rate is 0%.

  • Foreign investors' attitudes

    The Emirate of Ajman is open to foreign investment, making it a popular choice among foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in the UAE.

  • Banks

    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD, Mashreq Bank, Noor Bank.

  • The legal system

    Ajman's corporate legal system is based on English common law, which is shared by England and Singapore.

Assistance with business in Ajman's free economic zones

Ajman company registration procedure

Ajman company registration takes approximately 2 weeks and includes the following steps:
First consultation
Meeting with YB Case representatives in the office to clarify the client's details and requirements. Starting the process of forming a company in Ajman (initial consultation is possible remotely).
Reservation of title
The future company's name must be unique and not contain any forbidden words. Name reservations are possible.
Ajman company registration application
After receiving regulatory approval to open a company in Ajman, the charter and memorandum of the company are prepared and notarized, and the applicant signs all necessary documents, which are then submitted to the local regulator (Department of Economic Development).
An application for business registration in Ajman is being considered by the regulatory body
After receiving all required documents, the regulator reviews the application and makes a decision on the company's incorporation in Ajman, UAE.
Obtaining an incorporation certificate
The founders receive a certificate of incorporation containing the company's registration number based on the results of the company's authorization in the Emirate of Ajman. You may need to obtain a special license depending on your business activity.

Primary prerequisites

  • AED 150,000 is the minimum paid-up capital
  • Two shareholders are required (maximum 50)
  • Registered street address
  • Two directors are required (no residency requirements)
  • Registration Company secretary agent
  • Financial statements are due once a year
  • Annual shareholder meeting (possibly remotely)
Ajman company registration

Ajman company registration

The few wanting to launch a business in the UAE should consider forming an organization in Ajman. This essay will assist you in analyzing the main parts of starting a company in Ajman, as well as the advantages and significant legal circumstances to consider before opening a company in this jurisdiction.

Despite becoming the smallest Arab state, Ajman is in high demand among international investors. Property investment, sales, fabrication, transportation, and businesses are famous sectors for starting a company on the Ajman continent. You have two options for starting a company: Free Industrial Zones or Emirati continent.

Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has many benefits:

  • 100% reinstatement of cash proceeds
  • Ajman's company registration procedure has been simplified.
  • Tax breaks for businesses are available.
  • The emirate's legislation is tailored to the needs of business.
  • Immigration policy is straightforward.

The emergence of the free zone has enabled industrial development to be scaled up by attracting a large number of enterprises seeking investment advantages. The AFZ allows you to take advantage of the port of Ajman.

Company formation in Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMC) is a comparatively recent tax-free zone in the UAE that provides full media and digital assistance. The jurisdiction has many advantages for those who like to set up a business in the Ajman Media City free zone, such as elevated telecommunications, messaging services, first-class online customer service, and advantages for entrepreneurs. AMC offers the most affordable operating costs and fees for obtaining business licenses in the UAE.

AMC is an excellent choice for offices and media organizations. The key benefits of incorporating a business in the AMC Free Zone:

  • Non-residents are allowed to set up a firm in jurisdiction.
  • Foreign investors may acquire full ownership.
  • There is no corporate tax.
  • A single license allows you to engage in a variety of business activities.
  • A simple procedure for registering a company in the AMC Free Zone.

A company is being established in Ajman (Mainland)

The registration of a legal entity in Ajman takes some time. Mainland companies are economic entities of geographical regions that have been commercialized and are directly registered with the UAE government. Ajman's economy is quite developed and has favorable conditions for business development; thus, establishing a business in this part of the emirate is regarded as a promising option.

Advantages of establishing a business on Ajman's mainland:

  • Tax breaks are available.
  • Import and export duties are completely waived.
  • Operating costs have been reduced.
  • Territorial location is advantageous.
  • Infrastructure that is modern.

To register an onshore company in Ajman, you will need the assistance of a local partner. If you are interested in this matter, please contact YB Case specialists to obtain the necessary information.

Ajman Company Formation Procedure

If you intend to register a legal entity in Ajman, you should be aware that the procedure is divided into several stages:

Applying for a company registration in the UAE

This must be done through the municipality's customer service center.

Obtaining approval from specialized departments

Following that, you must contact the inspection department of the municipality of Ajman and verify the business's location. You will still require the approval of other departments in accordance with the planned business activity.

Preparation and approval of the company name

You must obtain permission to use the trade name (it must be unique). Following approval, you must obtain a certificate of business registration and a membership certificate in Ajman (UAE).

Document submission to the Company Registry

The Registrar of Companies will send data and receivables from the Department of Commerce.

Obtaining a UAE business license

To obtain an activity permit, you must expect to be paid all amounts due and fill out an application at the CSC.

Ajman business permits are forced to begin a firm

To establish a firm in Ajman or any other emirate, you would need a business permit for the sort of activity you intend to conduct. For starting a company in Ajman, evey form of business has its own set of conditions and rules.

The following main business licenses are issued by this jurisdiction:

  • Ajman national industrial license application

To obtain a country's industrial license in Ajman, several conditions must be met. Companies should be enrolled with the GCC Cooperation Council and hold at least 51 percent of the stock. Simultaneously, 40 percent of production activities should be carried out in free trade zones. A permit of this form entitles member states of the Cooperation Council for Arab States of the Gulf to duty-free imports.

  • Obtaining an Ajman trading license

This permit is issued for those who intend to set up a company in Ajman to begin trading in the UAE, such as import, export, and re-export of products and services.

  • Acquiring a manufacturing permit in Ajman

Any enterprise that performs production can obtain this category of permit.

  • Ajman specialist permit acquisition

It is available to any firm (UAE subject, foreign state, or free state organization) planning to provide consultants in Ajman.

The key to success is detailed planning, which necessitates several steps:

  • selection of a firm name;
  • selection of commercial activity;
  • gaining required permits;
  • employing people
  • entering an account in the UAE and depositing a small amount of money;
  • appropriate infrastructure selection.

If you are unable to decide on a suitable corporate structure on your own, YB Case experts can assist you. Among the most common are:

  • Ajman LLC registration;
  • establishment of a public joint stock company in the UAE (Ajman);
  • Ajman IBC enrollment;
  • institution of a joint venture;
  • establishing a branch or representative office.

Ajman Limited Liability Company Registration

According to statistics, the most common type of business in the UAE is the formation of an LLC. This type of business activity has its own corporate structure characteristics:

  • There are two shareholders present.
  • Shareholders do not have to be citizens of the country.
  • Persons who are not GCC/UAE citizens must own 51 percent of local partners.
  • The equity share of the partnership affects liability.
  • Foreign ownership of up to 49 percent is permitted.

Ajman PLC Registration

To form a joint stock company in the UAE, you must first:

  • At least ten founding members are required.
  • The majority of the shareholders must be UAE residents.
  • The Chairman of the Board must be a United Arab Emirates national.
  • Shares may be made available to the general public.
  • The liability is limited to the size of the capital share.

Ajman partnership registration

The registration of an LP in the UAE requires at least two partners; additionally, UAE citizens must act as full partners with unlimited liability. Other country residents may act as limited partners. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates are the only ones who can register general partnerships in Ajman.

Ajman Company Incorporation: Required Documents

Establishing a company in the UAE is a simple procedure that necessitates a collection of documents. You must prepare and submit the following documents to the appropriate regulatory authorities:

  1. Copies of stockholder certificates.
  2. Confirmation of the company's owner's place of residence.
  3. Association Memorandum.
  4. Certificate of opening a bank account in the UAЕ.
  5. The bank's recommendation letter.
  6. Business strategy.
  7. A registered address is confirmed.

Regulators may, at their discretion, request additional information.

Taxation When Starting a Business in Ajman

Ajman has its own tax rules under which companies registered in the UAE and working in the gas and oil industries must pay income tax. Foreign bank branches must also pay income tax, which is levied at a flat rate of 20%. Oil and gas companies are taxed at a 50% rate. The exemption from taxation of capital gains and dividends is a significant benefit of taxing businesses in this jurisdiction.

Residents of the UAE are subject to the standard 5% import/export tax.

Companies in the Ajman Free Zone are taxed

It is worth noting that the AFZ Management of Enterprises has the following tax benefits for those who want to open a company in the United Arab Emirates free zone:

  1. There is no income tax.
  2. Corporations are exempt from corporate taxation.ё
  3. Profit repatriation is exempt from taxation.

Furthermore, the UAE has a substantial percentage of DTAs that attract foreign shareholders to pertain for various tax breaks in their home countries.


For most foreign businessmen, registering a company in the United Arab Emirates is a profitable option. This is made possible by favorable business conditions, modern infrastructure, a developed financial system, and simplified tax rules. The UAE ranks highly in the World Bank's ease of doing business rankings.

I'd like to point out that Ajman is a profitable expedient platform for launching a startup for those looking to start a business in the UAE. The assistance of qualified specialists is required for the procedure of starting a business to proceed quickly and in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Such assistance is available from YB Case specialists. Sign up for a personal consultation to learn more about how activities are regulated in Ajman and other emirates.

What documents are required to establish a business in Ajman (UAE)?

To register a company in the UAE (Ajman), you must have the following documents ready:

  • Shareholders' information (copies of documents).
  • Addresses of the owners
  • Charter and Memorandum
  • Confirmation of opening an account and depositing funds in the UAE.
  • Business strategy.
  • Confirmation of local address registration.

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and regulators may request additional information at their discretion.

Can a non-resident establish a business in Ajman?
Foreign entrepreneurs can register a business in Ajman and other emirates under current legislation.
Ajman Company Registration: Time and Cost
The registration period for a company begins after 14 days. Please contact us in a convenient manner to find out the cost of registering a company in the Emirates.
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