Ireland is a highly developed independent state located in Western Europe. It is one of the world's cleanest countries due to the almost complete abandonment of heavy industry. Country is bordered by Northern Ireland, Celtic Sea, North Channel, Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

The most developed areas of the Ireland's economy are: pharmacy, IT and digital technologies, the manufacture of medical supplies and equipment, light industry and food industry, agriculture, mining.

The capital of the state is Dublin. The currency of the country is EUR. The population of the country – 4,7 million people.
The climate – temperate maritime. Ireland is a member of the following international organizations: UN, OECD, EU, Council of Europe, Euratom and EMU.

Registering a company in Ireland in 2020 will be an excellent opportunity to open international business as quickly, simply and on the most favorable terms.

Advantages of doing business in Ireland

Ireland ranked 23rd place for ease of doing business, 15th for the level of protection of minority investors, 10th for business registration and 4th for ease of taxation in 2019.

If you would like to set up a company in Ireland remotely and open a corporate account in an Irish bank we propose you to take a look at the main business advantages of this jurisdiction:

  • 1st place in Europe in attracting foreign investment;
  • Best conditions for conducting international trade activities and providing IT-services;
  • Double taxation agreements with more than 60 countries;
  • No foreign exchange controls and CFC rules;
  • Flexible tax system.
Key legal forms

There are two the most appropriate legal forms for international entrepreneurs. If you plan to register a company in Ireland we recommend you to choose Limited Partnership (LP) or Limited Company (Ltd). These business entity types have the easiest conditions for setting up and managing the company.

Those, who are interested in registering a Limited Company in Ireland and a corporate account opening in an Irish bank should meet such requirements of the Regulator as:

  • Unique company name (without words Royal, Assurance, Windsor, Bank and the like);
  • Minimum 1 director (should be an EU resident). Only individuals allowed;
  • Minimum 1 shareholder (individuals and entities);
  • Statutory audit and annual tax report.
To set up an LLP in Ireland you need to fulfil the following conditions of the Regulator:
  • Unique company name (with abbreviation LLP);
  • Minimum 2 directors (one of them should be an EU resident);
  • Minimum 2 shareholders;
  • No statutory audit and annual tax report.
Common requirements for both legal forms:
  • Share capital – 1 EUR;
  • No local registered office;
  • Public register of directors and shareholders.
Tax rates

If you want to register a company in Ireland remotely it will be also useful for you to have a grasp of tax regime of jurisdiction. Resident companies are subject to following taxes:

  • Income tax – 12,5 %. Mining and petroleum companies are taxed at 25%. Also, there is no income tax for LLP;
  • Capital gains tax – 33%;
  • VAT – up to 23%;
  • WHT on dividends – 0% for resident individuals and 20% for resident companies;
  • WHT on payments of interest and royalties – 20%.
How to open your company in Ireland

If you are interested in starting your own business in Ireland our specialists are ready to provide you with a full package of support such as: registering a company, business account opening in an Irish bank, licensing and prompt preparation of documents.
Setting up a company in Ireland will take no more than 2-3 weeks.

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