Registering a company in Ireland

Ireland is a country in Europe with a high standard of living, economic stability, provides an opportunity to register different types of Canadian companies, one of which is an LP or a partnership. If you want to register a company in Ireland, then an LP will be your ideal solution.

To establish an LP in Ireland you need to know what a partnership company is. The name itself provides for the presence of two or more individuals or legal entities. This means, that you can register a partnership in Ireland for 2 companies or 2 individuals, and at the same time taxes by these persons must be paid in the country of their tax residence. How does it turn out not to pay taxes to owners of the partnership? The answer is in the nominee service. In most cases, partnerships are registered in a tax-free jurisdiction.

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How to register a partnership in Ireland with a nominee service and manage it without problems:

  • You must order the service “registering an LP in Ireland”.
  • Then you should provide documents to a proxy (they can be you or anyone else, who will manage the Irish company by proxy).
  • Our company will provide assistance in registering the LP company in Ireland and will help to draw up a power of attorney for the complete transfer of the company to an authorized representative, as well as a waiver of rights, signed by nominees.
  • Since you are only the director of the company and manage it by proxy, the question of paying taxes does not concern you.
  • It is possible to open an account with an LP company in some European banks. Everything will depend on the information you provide:
  • About the description of the company;
  • About turns, that are planned.

Having a registered company in Ireland provides you with such additional features as:

  • Your partners will be happy to work with an Irish company, since Ireland is a European country;
  • You get the opportunity to completely not pay taxes;
  • Opening an account with an Irish company is easier, than opening an account with an offshore company.

YB Case competent experts have been working with this and many other jurisdictions for many years. We will provide you with a full support in registering a company in Ireland. We also cooperate with many banks and provide support in opening an account in Europe or opening an account for partnership in different jurisdictions. YB Case qualified team provides you with real options, that currently exist for the best benefit of your company.

Also, learn about how to register a company in Europe and minimize the tax rate.

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