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Company registration in Mauritius

Company registration in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island state located nearby the African continent.

Those who are planning to set up a company in Mauritius, must take a look at the following:

  • It is a member of IAEA, AU, WTO, ACP, ADR and others;
  • A High Human Development Index (65th);
  • A stable economy;
  • The most common languages are French, English;
  • MUR is an official currency.

If you are intended to start a business in this jurisdiction, then you can receive qualified assistance in a company registration process in Mauritius from YB Case experts. Also, we can provide you with a professional advice on opening an African bank account.

Best DIRECTIONS for a Mauritian company

In order to open your own business in this country, please consider the following promising options:

  1. To open a Mauritian sugar manufacturing company;
  2. To register a textile company in Mauritius;
  3. To set up tourism company in Mauritius;
  4. To open a Mauritian bank or to set up a financial services company in Mauritius.

Also, it can be profitable to set up a fish and seafood company in Mauritius.

Business entity types

If you want to establish a company in Mauritius and open a Mauritian bank account, we recommend you choosing one of the following legal forms:

  • LLC;
  • Free Zone company;
  • GBC;
  • CIS Fund;
  • Investment Fund;
  • LLP;
  • RO.

The most common business structure for entrepreneurs, who want to register a company in Mauritius is a Global business company with a license.

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You can set up a GBC in Mauritius with the following requirements:

  1. Two directors (residents of Mauritius) and two shareholders;
  2. A local corporate bank account;
  3. A registered physical office.

These companies can use the DTA agreements (signed up with 44 countries) and provide insurance, investment and financial services.

In addition, YB Case specialists propose you to register an LLP in Mauritius with the following requirements:

  1. Two founders, who can be non-residents;
  2. A local company manager (a secretary).

These companies can provide only consulting and legal services by obtaining a license in Mauritius.

Tax regime

Those, who are interested in setting up a company in Mauritius, we recommend considering the following table.

Legal form

Corporate tax


Share capital





Free zone LLC



100 000 USD









Investment fund



5% of funds raised from investors

CIS fund



depends on license

How to open a company in Mauritius

YB Case team can provide you with qualified individual advice on a business registration procedure in Mauritius and support services in obtaining a financial services license in Mauritius, insurance services license or consulting/legal services license in this jurisdiction.

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