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Сompany registration in Hungary

Сompany registration in Hungary

Businessmen, who want to register a company in Hungary, understand, that this is a fairly profitable option for doing business. It is a country with a favorable business climate and the lowest corporate tax in Europe (9% with annual revenues of up to 2 million euros), located in the center of Europe.

Advantages of the state for those, who are interested in registering a company in Hungary:

  • A cheap real estate in comparison with other European countries. For example, the low rental cost per square meter.
  • The banking system is well-developed. For example, MKB Bank is one of the most reliable in Europe.
  • Politicians actively support small and medium-sized businesses. A support is provided not only in Hungary, but also internationally.
  • In addition, registering a company in Hungary is also prestigious, because Hungary is the part of the European Union, where business procedures are accelerated every year.

The establishment of a company in Hungary

It’s also good news, that registering a company in Hungary will not take so long. It is about 2-3 business days. Then you receive an international identification code without delay and additional requirements.

For a small European country, together with its GDP of at least 5% and a population of 10 million inhabitants, this is a huge advantage to open a company in Hungary. It is possible in a short period and without pitfalls.

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As in any other country, there are forms available to register a commercial firm in Hungary. The analogue of the LLC is divided into two parts:

  • KFT, which means a closed limited liability company;
  • RT, which means an open LLC.

Next up is the partnership. BT is a limited partnership and KKT is an unlimited liability.

The registered capital, in order to set up a company in Hungary, is 3 million HUF (about 10,000 EUR)/(50% must be paid).

How to open a Hungarian enterprise?

If you want to register a firm in Hungary and open a bank account in a Hungarian bank, professional advice and a legal support can be ordered by calling us at the contacts listed on the site.

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