Bendura Bank


With qualified assistance of our specialists, you can open an account with Bendura Bank, that is one of the largest banks in Liechtenstein, which was created in 1998 under the name Valartis Bank.

A bank is structured in such a way, that its key employees are partially the owners of the bank – (13,61% is their share in the authorized capital). A bank was established by a group of companies «Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Ltd.», registered in Hong Kong. At the moment, the above-named company owns 84,69% of the authorized capital of the enterprise.

Opening an account with Bendura Bank is profitable. If you decide to open a bank account with Bendura Bank, you will receive an individual package of services from the bank employees.

The main advantages of the bank are a high level of trust and confidentiality. The information about your accounts in this bank will not be processed, using data centers, as the bank has its own computer system for performing these operations. You can open an account with Bendura Bank remotely, and since, the bank takes an individual approach to each client, after making a preliminary decision, a bank may ask for a personal visit.

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Opening an account in Liechtenstein is beneficial, because of:
  • a favourable geographical position of the country, which has a positive impact on the conduct of business;
  • favorable domestic political conditions and position in the foreign market;
  • a financial stability;
  • sound financial policies of the government;
  • an efficiency and flexibility in decision making;
  • European standards are used in financial services;
  • Liechtenstein’s bank law ensures the integrity of the assets of its customers
If you decide to open an account with Valartis Bank or open an account with Bendura Bank, we draw your attention to the services, that this bank provides:
  • An operational service. This service is suitable, if you want to open a bank account with Bendura Bank and conduct current operations, make incoming and outgoing payments.
  • An asset management. If you or your company has assets, and you want to multiply them, the bank will help you in this matter.
  • An investment consulting. If you or your company has assets and you want to manage them yourself, the bank offers consulting services.
  • A depositary. You can place a deposit in this bank for a certain period.

You can open a personal account with Bendura Bank and manage your account, using Internet banking remotely. Among the advantages is the presence of the Russian language on the bank’s website.

You can open a corporate account with Bendura Bank. Tariffs for transfers made from the account:
  • ordinary (the next day) – 0,125% of the amount (not less than 125 CHF, not more than 1250 CHF);
  • urgent (on the same day) – 0,25% of the amount (no less than 250 CHF, no more than 2500 CHF).
A cost of account maintenance services for individuals and also for legal entities is the same – 500 CHF/year.

In order to open a bank account with Valartis Bank (existing Bendura Bank), you will need to make an initial payment of 5000 CHF. A payment must be made after receiving from the bank prior consent to open an account.

Also, within 3 weeks you will need to make a contribution to the investment bank portfolio in the amount of not less than 300 000 CHF/EUR/USD (a currency in which you opened the account).

Competent experts of YB Case recommend you considering this bank. In order to save and increase your capital, opening an account with an investment bank is the best solution. With qualified advice on opening an account with Bendura Bank from our experts, you can go through the procedure in 7-10 business days.