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Business banking for a foreign company in China: Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank

The most common request from international clients planning to enter the Chinese market is business banking options. Many foreign companies find it mandatory to open a corporate bank account when establishing operations in China for tracking finances. However, recent tightening of account opening requirements can pose challenges.

In this article, we provide an overview of Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank (ZCCB) as one available option for non-resident business owners in China seeking accessible banking services.

About ZCCB

a mid-sized commercial bank based in Zhejiang province. It has an extensive network of over 300 branches across Mainland China. Though not a state-owned bank, ZCCB has risen in reputation in recent years as an alternative with strong liquidity and asset quality.

ZCCB offers both domestic and foreign currency services. For China’s non-resident companies, having a ZCCB account enables conducting transactions in Chinese yuan, receiving investment income, and utilizing loan/deposit products.

ZCCB's offerings and services for international business needs

ZCCB maintains thorough verification standards for non-resident account opening and strives to provide accessible banking tailored for foreign companies in China.

For starters, ZCCB allows account opening for Hong Kong registered entities with foreign nationals in leadership. Recognizing these nuanced business structures abroad, ZCCB aims to partner with international firms invested in the China market.

Moreover, ZCCB offers a wide range of financial services catered for cross-border activities:

  • Personal and business lending products in CNY and foreign currencies.
  • Robust account management for handling deposits, remittances, payments.
  • Support for international trade finance transactions.
  • Banking solutions dedicated for e-commerce sellers.
  • Standardized accounts for individual cross-border traders.

This diverse mix of offerings at ZCCB equips overseas companies with critical tools for navigating business banking and trade finance in China. Paired with accessible account opening, international firms can leverage their position locally through ZCCB’s assistance. The bank continues responding to the needs of China’s growing foreign business community.

With on-the-ground experience advising foreign entrants in China, our consultants stay closely attuned to banking partners like ZCCB capable of fulfilling specialized demands. We help clients investigate the best options for achieving financial operations abroad.

ZCCB account options for a foreign company

When meeting with international clients exploring business banking in China, a common question arises around account types for foreign companies at banks like ZCCB.

ZCCB provides a range of account offerings tailored to non-resident corporate needs:

  1. Accounts for corporate clients
    1. Basic Escrow – For collecting local payments and paying Chinese expenses.
    2. Capital – For foreign currency contributions under tight regulations.
    3. General Deposit – For foreign remittances only.
  2. Foreign currency accounts in Chouzhou bank
    1. Free Trade Non-Resident – For foreign trade transactions.
    2. Non-Resident Account – For managing foreign funds.
    3. Offshore Account – For global business and investments.

Having options across account designations allows custom fitting solutions to a company’s China operations and cross-border activities.

And while account opening onshore can pose difficulties, ZCCB enables full remote application for non-residents. Their corporate banking packages continue evolving to match foreign customer requirements as well.

With decades of experience in China, our consultants stay closely informed on banking regulation changes affecting non-resident accounts. We help identify the most suitable ZCCB account types aligned with your business financial needs in China.

Contact us to explore your banking options further as you grow internationally.

Account opening process

When advising overseas clients on banking with ZCCB, we emphasize the importance of understanding the full account opening procedures required for non-resident corporates in China.

ZCCB strives to streamline services for foreign firms. China’s strict compliance regulations still dictate a multistep verification process:

  1. Analyse intended China business activities and cross-border transactions to determine the optimal ZCCB account type.
  2. Gather required documents like licences, articles of incorporation, etc. per account type.
  3. Submit account application to ZCCB through the appointed representative.
  4. Complete ZCCB’s Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering checks.
  5. Sign account operating agreements and conclude terms of service.

Given language barriers and regulation intricacies, enlisting localized experts proves vital for smooth onboarding. Our consultants actively assist international clients with:

  • Selecting the ideal ZCCB (China) account structure.
  • Preparing the necessary documentation packages.
  • Liaising as the official corporate representative for the account opening process.

This end-to-end facilitation helps reduce headaches when establishing banking operations essential for doing business in China.

Requirements for opening a ZCCB account

While specific eligibility relies on individual circumstances, some key requirements exist:

  • Company documents.
  • Proof of company address and business activities.
  • Deposit to open account.
  • In-person visit by a representative for verification.

ZCCB presents a stable banking partner for overseas businesses operating in China. Even amid tighter regulations, viable account opening options exist. Leveraging local and international expertise helps smooth the path.

Required documents for ZCCB account opening

A common follow-up question we receive when discussing ZCCB business banking pertains to the necessary documents involved for successfully opening a corporate account for a foreign company in China.

While requirements vary slightly across different account types, the average documentation package includes:

  • Company registration certificate.
  • Memorandum and articles of incorporation.
  • Proof of directors’ identities (IDs, passports, utilities bills, etc.).
  • Evidence of business activities (audited financials, bank statements, client agreements, etc.).

With decades of combined experience assisting international clients expand to China, our consultants offer informed guidance on optimizing applications for approval by ZCCB compliance teams. We can advise on:

  • Tailoring document packages to individual business models and account types.
  • Streamlining verification requirements for remote vs in-person applications.
  • Acting as the dedicated corporate representative throughout onboarding.

As experienced consultants in China's banking regulatory landscape, our specialists stay updated on recent policy changes affecting banking for foreign firms in China. We're ready to guide clients through ZCCB's account opening process and any challenges that may arise.

Reach out if your company needs assistance navigating business banking as you expand abroad. Our consultants have assisted numerous international clients with entering China's dynamic markets.


As overseas interest continues growing for accessing China’s immense business opportunities, viable banking partners like Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank hold strategic significance.

ZCCB offers accessible RMB and foreign currency accounts for non-residents catered specifically for international trade, investment, and operations.

Through decades of in-market experience, our consultants actively guide foreign entrants through overcoming ZCCB account opening difficulties, including:

  • Selecting optimal account types aligned with the company’s China business model.
  • Preparing tailored documentation packages per compliance requirements.
  • Acting as the corporate representative for application submission and verification.
  • Advising on alternative bank account opening solutions if needed.

Contact our team directly to explore your options – we’re ready to discuss specifics for unlocking essential financial services in China’s dynamic markets.

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