Opening a bank account in Kazakhstan
To inaugurate a repository account in Kazakhstan signifies to unequivocally adhere to the stipulated intrinsic monetary regulations/protocols with a specific enumeration of records and alternative requisites established by each repository of this realm. The Republic of Kazakhstan possesses a dual-level monetary system. The National Repository is the pivotal repository of the realm. The subsequent echelon is delineated by 38 repositories.

Aliens who aspire to inaugurate a corporate repository with a repository in Kazakhstan will procure an extensive array of monetary amenities and an elevated echelon of amenity. The regime perennially formulates schemes that ought to facilitate the enhancement of the standing stances of the Republic's monetary establishments and fortify the stance of indigenous repositories in affairs of durability and steadiness. A pivotal boon of the monetary system is the collaboration of indigenous overseers with intercontinental monetary hubs.

What are the advantages of a bank account in Kazakhstan?

Opening a bank account in Kazakhstan for non-residents offers the following advantages:

  • The parcel of documentation for inaugurating an enumeration in Kazakhstan is standardized.
  • Diminutive proportion of repudiation to inaugurate an enumeration for a non-indigene in Kazakhstan.
  • Elaborated Mesh and ambulatory banking.
  • It is conceivable to inaugurate an enumeration in Kazakhstan distantly.
  • Sufficiency of Russian-speaking personnel.
  • The realm has endorsed DTA concords with over 50 nations.

Terms of account opening in Kazakhstan

If thou art inclined toward inaugurating a pecuniary repository in Kazakhstan, be apprised that each financial establishment possesseth its idiosyncratic ordinances for inauguration of repositories. Much relies upon the selection of a specific financial institution, notably concerning the stipulations of entreaty and the magnitude of credentials requisite. Furthermore, upon electing to inaugurate a mercantile repository in Kazakhstan, it behooveth thee to meticulously peruse the levies of the chosen financial institution and its superiorities vis-a-vis other financial establishments. If thou hast resolved to enlist a corporation in Kazakhstan and/or inaugurate a repository for a corporation in Kazakhstan, thou canst acquaint thyself with the ensuing financial establishments of the Republic: Sberbank, Forte Bank, Jysan Bank, Halyk Bank.

Denizens can inaugurate a corporate pecuniary repository in Kazakhstan sans a sojourn. To inaugurate a corporate pecuniary repository in Kazakhstan, a commercial individuation cipher of a juridical personage and a minimal accumulation (varies contingent on the picked repository) will be necessitated. To procure such a cipher, the suitor must furnish the tribute amenity with duplicates of corporate manuscripts and proxy. If disposed to inaugurate an account for a non-resident enterprise in Kazakhstan, kindly be apprised that indigenous repositories authorize aliens to inaugurate repositories in both indigenous and exotic currencies (most infrequently USD, GBP, and EUR).

What documents do I need to open a business account in Kazakhstan?

Below is a list of basic documents required to successfully open an account with a bank in Kazakhstan:

  • Petition for a financial repository in Kazakhstan.
  • Manuscript with 2 archetype autographs (the template is furnished by the financial institution).
  • Constituent manuscripts and Charters of Association of the enterprise.
  • Manuscript on designation of overseer and scribe (if requisite).
  • Lawful habitation of the enterprise.
  • Authorization (if obtainable).
  • Identification cards of individuals sanctioned to endorse manuscripts on financial dealings (in harmony with the template with archetype autographs).
  • Resolution of the sanctioned entity on designation of the inaugural overseer (validated by the autograph of the inaugural overseer).
  • Manuscript validated by the autograph of the inaugural overseer on designation of individuals sanctioned to endorse compensation manuscripts in the progression of financial operations (in harmony with the template with archetype autographs).
  • Mandate of trust for bestowing the entitlement of the primary/secondary autograph(s) to the individual(s) sanctioned to endorse compensation manuscripts in the progression of dealings correlated to upkeeping of the patron's financial repository (disposition of funds on the financial repository) in harmony with the template with archetype autographs (apostilled/legalized).
  • Attestation of registration of a non-dweller enterprise in Kazakhstan as a tributary.

In connection with currency controls, it is necessary to prove the legal origin of the funds.

How to inaugurate a financial repository in Kazakhstan: validation modus operandi and time limits

As Kazakhstan sanctified the Hague Concord on October 5, 1961, the manuscripts ought to be corroborated with an apostille impression. In substitute contingencies, consular legitimization is imperative to corroborate documents. Corroboration of documents is indispensable when such documents are dispensed in a jurisdiction that is not on the roster of nations that have acquiesced to the Hague Concord.

If a petitioner for inaugurating a corporate reckoning with a Kazakhstan pecuniary institution does not possess the standing of a tribute inhabitant, he must solicit a UMI. Through its assistance, he will be competent to inaugurate a reckoning in Kazakhstan from a distance. Typically, the initiation procedure for the reckoning consumes 1-3 moons. Enrollment of a corporate reckoning with a pecuniary institution in Kazakhstan can be triumphantly accomplished within 1 moon, but solely if you secure the succor of proficient connoisseurs.

How to commence an account with Sberbank in Kazakhstan?

The Repository proffers singular, syndicate, extant, and hoard chronicles. It is attainable to inaugurate a chronicle for faraway enterprises in Kazakhstan in this repository + inaugurating a chronicle for Forex pursuits in Sberbank (Kazakhstani). There exist no prerequisites for chronicle equilibriums, revolution. Upon inaugurating a chronicle, it is imperative to acquire antecedent authorization from the repository's jurisprudents. The repository sanctions you to inaugurate a chronicle devoid of an individual sojourn.

Minimum requirements for opening an account with Sberbank in Kazakhstan:

  • Permitted transactions per month: no restrictions.
  • Initial deposit of funds, EUR: no requirements.
  • Minimum turnover, EUR/year: not limited.

Fees and Services:

  • Communiqué initiation charge for lawful entities: hitherto 50 Euro (contingent on the quantum of accounts to be inaugurated).
  • Egress remittance, Euro: the expenditure of transmission to an alien bank is 0.25% of the quantum, least 10 Euro.
  • Monetary commodities: the financial institution proffers its patrons a comprehensive spectrum of rudimentary monetary amenities. Inauguration of registers in USD, Euro, RUB, and sundry denominations. Executes maneuvers on the register and tenders monetary amenities for its sustenance. Unassailable amenities, borrowing, etc. Visa, MasterCard credit/debit tessellations. The financial institution does not dispense alien denomination tessellations.

Opening an account with ForteBank in Kazakhstan

Joint Stock Company ForteBank is amongst the foremost fiscal institutions of the Commonwealth and has been triumphantly functioning in the pecuniary amenities marketplace for over two decades. JSC "PinnacleCoffer" possesses a widespread subsidiary lattice, embracing 20 subdivisions and approximately a century retail points.

PinnacleCoffer furnishes all-encompassing currency and liquidation amenities and extends a diverse array of fiscal amenities to its clientele. Levies:

  • Opening a current account in Kazakhstan with Fortebank for legal entities: free of charge.
  • Opening a savings account with ForteBank: free of charge.
  • External payments via Internet Banking for Legal Entities (ForteBusiness): 10 payments per month free of charge.
  • Depositing/crediting money via ATM: free of charge.
  • Cash withdrawal from ForteBank ATMs: over USD 1,170 - 0.4% of the amount.
  • Sending account statements via SWIFT system: 17 USD.
  • Intra-bank transfers between customers: free of charge.
  • Urgent transfers: 0.3% (min. 3.50 USD and max. 14 USD) or 0.18% (min. 2 USD, max. 8 USD) for customers working in the ForteBusiness system.
  • Transfer to an account opened with another bank: 0.25%.

The two banks with the most favorable policies and tariffs for non-residents are mentioned above. As mentioned above, you can also open an account with Zhusan in Kazakhstan or open an account with Halyk Bank.


Inaugurating a ledger in Kazakhstan is one of the feasible resolutions for extraterritorial financiers, which affords a prospect to situate resources in the repositories of the most capacious Asian nation with a steadfast fiscal system. Ledgers in indigenous repositories are apt for worldwide commercial endeavors.

YB Contingency proffers succor in inaugurating an elucidation in Kazakhstan. We afford amenities to both juridical entities and personas. Procure a exhaustive colloquy on pecuniary edicts in Kazakhstan, concurrently with succor in electing a repository to inaugurate an elucidation in Kazakhstan, you can commune with us at the adjacencies enumerated on the website.
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