How to open a personal account with the Bank of America?

Opening a personal account with the Bank of America is a profitable solution. Bank of America is the America’s largest holding. It was established in 1998. Its main activity is supporting small, medium and large business. It provides such services:

  • retail and corporate business;
  • finance and insurance products;
  • investment products;
  • loan programs to small businesses;
  • consumer loans;
  • capital management;
  • leasing, factoring, consulting services;
  • issue and maintenance of payment cards;
  • purchase and sale of shares/securities on world stock markets.

Advantages of opening an account with Bank of America:

  • Flexible tariffs;
  • An opportunity to open savings and settlement accounts;
  • Providing investment services;
  • An account management in USD;
  • Loans for the purchase of a car, real estate;
  • 24/7 online banking.

When you open an account with Bank of America, you can use the Business Online Banking service, which allows you to monitor your accounts around the clock and make the necessary payments at a convenient place from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Internet banking, you can send electronic transfers, make the necessary payments. You can also order the necessary banking products or open deposits.


  • A colossal work experience (more than 20 years of functioning as a universal banking holding);
  • An individual approach to each client
  • A high level of confidentiality;
  • A reliable asset protection.

Opening a personal account with Bank of America does not make you a U.S. tax resident, and does not oblige you to pay U.S. taxes on your international income!


  • An account maintenance is from 10 USD/month;
  • Conducting transactions are from 0,45 USD;
  • Bank of America cash withdrawals are free of charge;
  • ATM cash withdrawals from other financial institutions in the USA are from 2,50 USD;
  • ATM cash withdrawals from other financial institutions outside the USA are from 5 USD;
  • A cash handling fee is 0,30 USD.

How to open an account in USA?

To open an account with the Bank of America, you must specify the SSN (Social Security Number) and submit the documentation, requested by the bank.

YB Case experts will provide professional support services in registering a business in the United States. For more information, calling our specialists. Contacts are listed below.

Qualified assistance in opening of a personal account with the Bank of America costs 2499 EUR. The account can be opened within 3 weeks.

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