Opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

Our company provides professional support services in opening different types of bank accounts for individuals and corporate entities. In most cases we provide qualified assistance in opening current accounts in Kazakhstan. We have closely been working with a number of banks in Kazakhstan such as: ATF Bank, Bank CenterCredit, Capital Bank, Tengri Bank etc.


Each bank has its own internal policy on a bank account opening. Banking rules can be quite different from bank to bank. Therefore, account opening requirements may vary depending on which bank you choose. First of all, you need to choose a bank. This will give you a better understanding of what documents and information you will need to provide for your application for bank account opening in Kazakhstan. Usually the bank requires to submit such documents:

  1. Application for bank account opening.
  2. Document with specimen of signatures in number of 2 (two) copies (form is provided by the Bank).
  3. Сharter of legal Entity.
  4. Identification documents of the persons authorized to sign Documents at making bank transactions according to the Document with specimen of signatures.
  5. Decision of the authorized body determined by the charter of a legal entity on appointment to a post of the first head.
  6. Document of appointment to a post of the persons authorized to sign payment Documents at making bank transactions according to the Document with specimen of signatures.
  7. Power of attorney of providing the first/second signature (s) to person (s) authorized to sign payment documents at making transactions related to maintaining the client bank account (money disposition on bank account) according to the Document with specimen of signatures ( apostilled/legalized).
  8. Registration certificate of registration of the non-resident as taxpayer (Business Identification Number).


If you are a non-resident of Kazakhstan, you should apply for an Individual Identification Number (IIN). With the IIN you will be eligible to open a bank account in Kazakhstan.


  1. Competent advice on all issues regarding the opening of bank accounts in Kazakhstan;
  2. Professional support of a profile expert in the preparation of the necessary set of documents;
  3. Qualified assistance in opening a bank account in Kazakhstan without a personal visit;
  4. Receipt of documents evidencing the opening of a current account of a legal or natural person.

We provide qualified support in opening a bank account for our customers and work with several banking partners. Every aspect is processed - data collection, filling out a form. At the beginning of the process, we provide forms to fill out for our customers.

How long does it take to open an account in Kazahstan?

In our experience it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. With our competent assistance, opening a KZ-based bank account will take from one month. You do not need to visit the country to open a corporate bank account in Kazakhstan; however, this can expedite the process.

Authentication of a document in Kazakhstan

Since the Republic of Kazakhstan ratified the Hague Convention on 5 October 1961, the certification of the document in Kazakhstan must be done with an apostille.

In other cases the authentication of a document in Kazakhstan, shall undergo a consular legalization. Legalization of documents is required when such documents have been issued in the country that is not included in the list of the countries having acceded to the Hague Convention.

We can provide the assistance of qualified advisor in opening a bank account for a cryptocurrency company in Kazakhstan.

If you are interested in corporate bank account opening in Kazakhstan remotely, YB Case UK experts are ready to provide you with qualified advice.

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