How to open an account in Switzerland?

There is evidence, that 30% of all world's funds are concentrated in Western European countries. Does this mean, that you need to open a Swiss account?


  • First, there is a bank secrecy law, that bank employees must abide by. For violation of the law, a fine is charged to the employee. Bank experts individually approach the issues of each client. Swiss banks have a prestigious reputation and a high professionalism, respect the money of bank account holders and offer numerous financial management tools.
  • There is stability both in terms of economy and currency, as well as the independence of politics in Switzerland. The country is respected by international partners and colleagues.

Switzerland is a country with its own history. Do not expect to open an account in Switzerland quickly. But be sure to get such qualities and opportunities, that are not in most countries.


Switzerland is an accessible jurisdiction for investors. But at the same time there are limitations.

In order to open an account with a Swiss bank, a customer must not be included in the list of unreliable persons, malicious persons, etc. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians can open a corporate or a personal account with a Swiss bank, if they provide evidence of the legal origin of the income.

The next limitation is investment capital. If you plan to get more money, you will need to deposit a large amount of the investment capital for the indicated period.

Which bank accounts do you prefer in Switzerland?

A Swiss account is one of the most common, the main purpose of which is local activities and a company support. To open a current account with a Swiss bank, you need to have a registered office and business partners in this country. It is less designed for the international cooperation. At least 50% of financial transactions must be between local companies.

There are two types of banking institutions in Switzerland. These are federal (for doing business all over Switzerland), and cantonal (for those, who are going to do business within the same canton). Bank accounts are opened in the official currency of Switzerland.

A Swiss deposit account is among the most popular, as there are fewer restrictions. Everyone can open an account in the official currency, as well as in USD, EUR and more.

We draw attention to the fact, that a deposit account is less relevant for companies and more designed for individuals. The main difference is in the percentage rate. Because of the stability of the CHF, many open accounts in Switzerland in this currency, CHF has grown significantly. The government decided to move away from the currency’s dependence on the EUR and set negative deposit rates. However, this decision did not affect zero and positive rates for EUR, USD and other currencies.

Despite the presence of negative rates, depositors continue to keep accounts in CHF.

The investment account in Switzerland has a significant advantage. The purpose of investment accounts is to increase a capital. There are investment funds, trusts and more, which offer the most affordable selection of tools. At the same time, investment accounts are more demanding, than settlement and deposit accounts. So, private banks require deposits with the presence of 500 thousand EUR.

If you want to cooperate with a Swiss bank, we recommend you pay attention to opening an investment account in Switzerland. This offer will allow you to open a current account too.

Choosing a bank in Switzerland

To open a Swiss account, you need to decide on the purpose of application. It can be a protection of own assets from loss, increase of wealth, etc.

The second step is to determine the amount. Banks do not accept, if you plan to manage an amount of less than 5 thousand EUR. The best offers for investors start from 500 thousand EUR.

After passing through the above steps, you can begin to search for the right bank. You need to focus only on banks, that operate in Switzerland.

Some Swiss banks do not use advertising. To find a suitable bank for your needs, you can contact us for advice. YB Case specialists will assist you in choosing the best option for you and accompany you at all stages of this procedure.

You can open an account with CIM Bank without a personal visit. This is one of the most affordable banks and its investment capital is 10,000 EUR. CIM Bank has convenient online banking with international online transfers and payments.

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Once upon a time there was banking secrecy in Switzerland, which hid the information about investors from everyone, including tax authorities. This behavior raised pressure on Switzerland from countries such as the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and the country had to amend the law.

Now a banking secrecy has remained at the level of state law. Secret, as before, is not transferred to tax authorities. At the same time, there is an automatic exchange with America under the FATCA.

In order to easily open accounts in Switzerland, you need to prove the legitimacy of the origin of company's funds, as well as the fact, that the company pays taxes in its country.

How to open an account WITH a Swiss bank?

Before you need to know, what is the minimum deposit, what is the balance, is a personal visit necessary and is it possible to open an account without a personal visit.

A minimum deposit

A Swiss bank requires a deposit of at least 500 thousand EUR. It does not depend on the type of account. At the same time, the minimum balance should not be lower, than 250 thousand EUR.

OPENING a Swiss account remotely or on a personal visit

There are banks, that can open an account in Switzerland without a personal visit. But this strengthens the verification of documents of the company, on which the account is opened. A meeting with a bank representative is possible, using communication tools such as Skype.

Therefore, to find out exactly, which bank offers opening an account without a personal visit in Switzerland, you need to contact YB Case specialists for advice. We can offer you pre-service. This is when you bring us documents once, and we submit applications to several banks.

What documents are needed to OPEN a Swiss bank account?

We draw your attention to the fact, that each bank has the right to request additional documentation, at its discretion.

To open a Swiss bank account, you need a confirmation of the registration, a confirmation of the competence of the director and the mandatory proof of the legality of income.

For more information, contact YB Case specialists for qualified advice.


To open an account in Switzerland as quickly as possible, use professional support services of experienced YB Case advisors. To request for advice, please call us at the contacts listed on the site.

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