Open an account for a company from the UAE

Introduction to banking services for Emirate enterprises

The allure of registering a bank account in the UAE continues to grow among business entities and organizations aiming to broaden their global footprint. The UAE is increasingly recognized as a prime destination for international entrepreneurs, drawn by its economic robustness, advantageous tax regulations, and state-of-the-art commercial facilities.

This document is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the procedures involved in establishing a corporate financial account in the UAE. It aims to elucidate the benefits, highlight potential challenges, and guide companies through the intricacies of this process. We will examine the necessary steps for account creation, key considerations in selecting a financial institution, and explore the fiscal and economic advantages of conducting business within the Emirati framework.

Insights into the UAE’s banking sector

Characterized by its resilience, the adoption of cutting-edge technology, and strict compliance with international standards, the UAE’s banking industry is a cornerstone of the region's economic framework. The capability to facilitate corporate financial accounts enhances the UAE’s appeal as a strategic hub for businesses aiming to consolidate their presence in the Middle East.

Emirati financial institutions offer an extensive array of services, including corporate account setup, credit facilities, investment opportunities, active banking operations, and consultancy services. The adoption of modern banking products and digital advancements bolsters efficient financial governance and enhances operational efficacy.

Investment in digital progress and emerging fintech solutions like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and biometric technology enables entrepreneurs to not only streamline the process of opening corporate accounts, but also leverage advanced tools for financial management.

The UAE’s banking sector represents a robust infrastructure capable of supporting businesses throughout various stages of their growth—from initial account establishment for operations in the UAE to managing extensive international dealings. Its high degree of stability, innovative banking solutions, and proactive international engagement render the UAE an appealing platform for global enterprises.

The necessity of a local bank account for companies in the Emirates

A bank account within the Emirates is pivotal, not merely for facilitating routine financial operations but also for unlocking numerous strategic advantages for a company.

Efficient access to capital: a local bank account ensures swift and effortless access to corporate funds, enabling prompt payments for bills, salaries, and other operational expenditures.

  • Cash flow oversight: possessing a bank account equips a business with essential tools to adeptly manage cash flow and orchestrate financial planning.
  • Streamlined transactions: for clients and vendors, particularly those based in the UAE, conducting payments into a local account is significantly simpler and quicker.
  • Financial support and growth facilitation: access to credit facilities to funding new projects, or sustaining operations during financial downturns.
  • Currency fluctuation mitigation: businesses can maintain multi currency accounts, which aid in mitigating risks associated with currency exchange fluctuations.

Main banks providing services to companies in the UAE



Confirmation of founder's residence

Office agreement

Account currencies

Account activation period

HQ address

Mashreq Bank

Corporate lending, trade financing, cash and asset management

Not necessary

Not required


4-8 weeks

P.O. Box 1250, Dubai, UAE


Business financing, investment banking, funds administration




2-4 months

P.O. Box 6316, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Corporate banking, international remittances, e-banking solutions


Not specified


2-4 months

P.O. Box 777, Deira, Dubai, UAE


Shariah-compliant financial services




2-4 months

P.O. Box 1080, Dubai, UAE

Emirates Islamic

Shariah-compliant corporate loans, business financing




1-4 months

P.O. Box 6564, Dubai, UAE


Support for SMEs, digital financial management tools




5-7 working days (online)

P.O. Box 12345, Dubai, UAE

Critical considerations for selecting a financial institution in the UAE

Setting up a corporate bank account within the UAE is a pivotal step towards enhancing your business's growth. Selecting an appropriate banking partner necessitates evaluating various criteria that influence the efficacy and convenience of the services provided. Here are the essential elements to scrutinize when opening a financial account in the UAE:

  • Institutional credibility: ensuring the integrity and dependability of the financial institution is crucial. Opt for a well-established bank boasting a solid reputation, high ratings, and positive client testimonials. It is imperative to choose a verified bank to handle business financial operations in the UAE.
  • Fee structure and commissions: analyzing the bank’s fee schedule is vital when setting up a corporate account. This includes assessing ongoing service charges, transaction fees for local and international transfers, and other pertinent banking activities. Comparing these costs with those of competing banks will help determine the most favorable financial terms.
  • Range of services: the breadth of services offered by a bank is instrumental in making an informed choice. Investigate the availability of diverse financial solutions, such as business loans, commercial financing, and asset management, tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.
  • Global connectivity: a bank’s international reach is paramount when establishing a business account in the Emirates. Financial institutions with a broad international network can provide essential overseas services, making global operations crucial for your business.
  • Technological advancements: the adoption of modern technology and digital innovations by a bank can significantly streamline your financial transactions. Evaluate the bank's online banking platforms, mobile applications, automation capabilities, and other technological advancements.
  • Customer service excellence: quality customer support is essential for maintaining a satisfactory banking relationship. Investigate the bank’s customer service reputation, availability of skilled advisors, and responsiveness to client inquiries.

By considering these factors thoroughly, you will enhance your likelihood of securing efficient and effective banking services, contributing positively to your business’s operations in the UAE.

Types of corporate accounts available in the UAE






Serves as the foundational account for everyday financial operations.

Suitable for businesses requiring frequent access to funds for daily operations like bill payments, receiving customer payments, and executing money transfers.

Typically comes with checkbooks and debit cards for convenient business finance management.


Allows businesses to save funds and earn interest on the deposited balance.

Best for companies looking to build a financial reserve or accumulate capital for future projects or investments.

Offers higher interest rates compared to current accounts, aiding in the growth of stored funds.

Special Purpose

Designed for managing funds dedicated to specific business projects or operational aspects.

Utilized for projects requiring separate financial tracking and management to ensure precise fund allocation and monitoring.

Facilitates targeted distribution and oversight of corporate finances, tailored for distinct organizational needs.


Intended for depositing substantial sums of money over a fixed period, earning a predetermined interest rate.

Ideal for enterprises aiming to invest surplus funds temporarily while securing a stable return.

Provides a high level of security and stable returns, making it a strategic financial tool for business investment.

Basis for declining account opening requests by foreign companies in the UAE

Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation in UAE banking

Financial institutions in the UAE adhere to rigorous regulatory standards and enforce detailed procedures designed to mitigate financial risks and ensure adherence to international norms for preventing financial crime and terrorism. These stringent measures may lead a bank to deny a foreign company's request to open a financial account in the UAE. Below, we explore the primary reasons for such rejections.

Deficiencies or discrepancies in documentation

UAE banks have precise requirements for documentation needed to open an account, which include corporate documentation, photocopies of managers' passports, and shareholder registry information. Any inconsistencies or missing details in these documents, or signs of fraudulent information, can lead to the refusal of an account activation request for a company in the UAE.

Questionable reputation of founders or key stakeholders

Should an investigation into a company’s founders or principal beneficiaries uncover legal concerns—such as involvement in litigation, financial discrepancies, or connections to criminal activities—the bank may exercise its right to refuse the opening of a corporate account.

Political and economic considerations

Instabilities in the political or economic landscape may also affect a bank's willingness to engage with foreign enterprises.

By understanding these potential hurdles and meticulously preparing for the account registration process, companies can enhance their chances of a successful application. It is essential to provide thorough, accurate, and current information, articulate the business's objectives and operations clearly, and uphold transparency and integrity in all business dealings.

Brief guide to setting up an account

The establishment of a bank account for an emirate entity comprises several crucial steps. This guide delineates each stage in detail to facilitate the account opening procedure.

  1. Choosing a financial institution: begin by selecting a bank that aligns closely with your company's financial needs and strategic goals.
  2. Document preparation: accumulate and prepare all necessary documentation required for account registration. This includes corporate paperwork, identification documents, and any other relevant credentials.
  3. Application completion: with your documents ready, complete the application form provided by your chosen bank. This form will require detailed information about your company, its management, and your specific banking needs and preferences.
  4. Submission of documents: submit all prepared documents to the bank. This submission can be made in person, via mail, or through digital channels if offered by the bank.
  5. Document review and verification: upon receipt of your documents, the bank will conduct a thorough review and verification process. This assessment ensures all information complies with the bank’s criteria and may take some time.
  6. Account registration approval: following the thorough evaluation of your documents, the bank will decide whether to activate your account. If approved, you will be notified that your account is ready to be opened.
  7. Receipt of banking details: once your account is approved, the bank will provide you with essential banking details such as your account number and IBAN, which are necessary for conducting financial transactions.
  8. Account activation: with the banking details in hand, your account is officially active and ready for use in business transactions, including payments and transfers.
Important notes
The specific steps and duration of the account opening process can vary significantly between different banks and are influenced by their individual policies and conditions. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the requirements and instructions of your chosen financial institution before initiating the process.

Expected timelines for account activation

The timeline for opening a financial account in the UAE can vary based on the type of business and the specific bank’s criteria. Offshore companies and businesses in FEZs may expect a timeframe of one to two months due to the need for more extensive verification processes. In contrast, companies registered on the mainland or in the capital's FEZs could experience quicker processing times, generally between two and four weeks, provided that all necessary documents are submitted and verification is completed efficiently.

Tariffs and commissions at major UAE banks




Additional notes


Regular: no min. deposit

Account maintenance: $25-$190/month if below the min. balance

Checkbook: AED 3/page from the second book

Free internal transfers

External transfers up to AED 70

Premium: min. balance – AED 150K

Internet banking: free, charges for additional security devices

Free first checkbook

Platinum: min. balance – AED 350K

Overdraw fee: AED 20/transaction after the free limit

Cash processing fee for large deposits


Min. balance: AED 50K - 500K

Monthly admin fee: AED 300 if not digital

Non-compliance fee: AED 250-500

Free internal transfers

Transfers: AED 15-70

Internet banking: AED 150-200/month

Checkbook issue fee: AED 1/sheet after first


Min. balance: AED 0 - 3,500,000

Monthly service fee: free to AED 103.95

Cashier transactions: 26.30 AED after free limit

Free internal transfers

External wire transfers: free to AED 52.50

Debit card replacement: AED 26.25

Annual fee for debit card: free


SMS notification: AED 15.75 - 26.25/month

Monthly maintenance: AED 525 - 1,050 if below threshold

Checkbook: AED 52.5 after first

Business license overdue fee: AED 420/month

- Account closing fee: AED 367.5 - 1,050

Emirates Islamic

Types: Emarati Absher, Businesswomen, Digital, Premium, Gold, Platinum

Monthly fee: free for 6 months, then AED 52.50 or 525

Checkbook: AED 52.50 per 50 sheets

Returned check fee: AED 315

Min. balance: AED 5K - 250K

Transfer: AED 78.75 - 157.50 local, AED 105 - 157.50 international


No lower balance threshold

Account plans: AED 99 - 249/month

Interest: 3% for 90 days, then 1%

International SWIFT transfer: AED 52.50 or AED 26.25

Optimizing management of corporate accounts in UAE banks

The activation of a corporate account within an Emirate bank marks a crucial step towards optimal financial administration for businesses operating in this region. UAE banks are known for offering a plethora of services and tools that enhance the efficiency and convenience of financial management.


A significant number of UAE banks offer sophisticated digital platforms and mobile applications, enabling firms to manage their finances remotely from any global location. These tools provide functionalities such as real-time account monitoring, transaction execution, fund transfers, and credit card management, enhancing operational agility.

Customer support services

Emirate financial institutions typically provide an extensive array of customer support options. These include round-the-clock telephone support, live online chat capabilities, and the option for in-person branch visits. These services are designed to assist with any queries related to bank account operations and overall business financial management.

International transactions and currency management

For enterprises engaged in international commerce, the ability to conduct cross-border payments efficiently and with reduced exposure to financial risks is essential. Banks in the UAE offer comprehensive services for international transactions, including multi-currency dealings and currency exchange, along with tools to manage currency risk effectively.

Financial optimization consulting

Consultation on financial optimization is pivotal in enhancing the economic effectiveness and competitive edge of businesses. Many banks in the Emirates provide tailored financial advisory services, including analyses of cash flow and strategies to bolster financial oversight.

Managing a corporate account effectively in the UAE is vital for the success of business activities both domestically and internationally. Leveraging the array of tools and services provided by UAE banks can substantially elevate a firm’s financial health and position in the market.

The professionals at YB CASE possess extensive knowledge and practical experience in the banking sector, not only within the Emirates but also in countries such as China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Additionally, they have a proven track record of working with various payment systems. This diverse expertise enables them to adeptly manage a broad spectrum of tasks associated with integrating organizations into the regional economic framework and the global banking community. YB CASE offers a comprehensive suite of services, which includes providing advice on selecting the appropriate financial institution, preparing the necessary documentation, and offering support throughout all phases of account opening and ongoing account management.
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