How to open a corporate account in Ireland

Having decided to start an entrepreneurship in Ireland, do not forget about the most important point, namely opening a corporate account with Irish banks.

This material has been prepared to inform you about some particular qualities of this procedure.

What information is required to open a corporate account for Irish companies?

Entrepreneurs, who want to open an account with a bank in Ireland, need to know, that for this they need to register the Irish business.

Banks of Ireland may levy local companies with fees such as:

  • a commission for opening a bank account in Ireland;
  • for maintaining an account;
  • the collection of an administrative fee, if any;
  • a commission for financial operations (transfer/receipt of funds);
  • for liquidation of the account.

Documents required to OPEN an account with Iris banks:

  • copies of passports of directors, sharers;
  • the copy of the Charter;
  • a copy of the Certificate;
  • completed bank forms;
  • copies of signatures of directors.

IMPORTANT! In order to open an LP account in Ireland, you need a physical presence of a resident director at the selected bank. This is necessary for an interview.

additional data

Planning to open an account with the bank of Ireland, you should have an extensive description of the company.


For entrepreneurs, who plan to register an Irish company, we recommend contacting us for a personalized offer.

Also, YB Case team will provide professional assistance in opening the account for the Irish LP with banks of other jurisdictions.

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