Opening a bank account in America remotely

You decided to open an account with an American bank without a personal visit, but you don’t want, or for some reason you can’t go to the USA or Canada, and you do not have a social security number or tax number. Well, there is a solution.

In this article, we will tell you several ways how you can open an American bank account without visiting America.

  1. To open an account in the payment system

    Payment systems are institutions, that provide online transfer services and digital payment services. Often, such companies do not take some kind of payment for opening an account, but can set certain restrictions, since the account will be a virtual, not a real bank account, and may set higher fees for transactions.
  2. To open an account by proxy in America

    You can hire a lawyer, who can go to the bank for you and help to open an account.
  3. To open an account with American banks remotely with a help of YB Case experts

    Our specialists have many years of experience in opening banking accounts in America remotely and on other continents. And we not only help you fill out all the forms correctly, but also help you understand how best to provide a business information, a commercial information and the purpose of using a bank account.

We provide our customers with all the conditions for a operational process of opening an account.

Currently, we have two solutions available for opening a bank account with American banks remotely.

Opening an account with Bank of America without a personal visit

Bank of America is the 4th largest US bank, it is the 6th largest bank in the world in terms of assets.

It consists of five main departments, that work in the following areas:

  • Asset management;
  • A work with accounts and cards;
  • Lending;
  • Financial operations;
  • Financial advice for clients.

Bank of America has been operating since 1998 and provides services in all US states and in more than 35 countries. It is characterized by a high level of security and confidentiality, as well as quality service and relatively low tariffs.

Bank of America rates:

  • Banking service is from 10 USD/month;
  • A cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks is from 2,5 to 5 USD;
  • Conducting transactions is from 0,45 USD;
  • A payment for processing cash currency is from 0,30 USD.

Opening an account with Bank of America can be done remotely for individuals or a company, there is also a solution to open a bank account without an ITIN (a tax number).

An account opening with Toronto-Dominion Bank remotely

Toronto-Dominion Bank is the 2nd largest Canadian bank, which was founded in 1955. According to reputable financial publications, it is one of the 50 most reliable banks in the world. Therefore, and for many other reasons, opening a corporate account with Toronto-Dominion is an uncompromising solution for a successful business in Canada and around the world.

Toronto Dominion offers a significant number of services:

  • Lending and insurance;
  • A management of stocks, futures, etc.;
  • Currency operations;
  • Operations with securities.

Tariffs of Toronto-Dominion Bank:

  • A maintenance fee is 3,3 EUR/month;
  • A commission for transactions is 1 EUR;
  • Outgoing payments are from 20 EUR;
  • A fee for incoming calls is from 11,5 EUR.

It is worth noting, that opening an account with Toronto-Dominion Bank remotely is available only in conjunction with the company. First, the Canadian LP is registered, which allows the legitimate optimize taxes, and then a corporate account with Toronto Dominion is opened remotely.

Documents for opening an account with Bank of America remotely

A list of necessary documents can be changed at any time at the discretion of the bank.

Final word

Our qualified experts will help to open an account in America remotely, regardless of whether you need an account for high-risk or specific activities.

We also note, that YB Case specialists provide legal advice on establishing a business in America, can help you to obtain a business American license, provide legal support of the investment project, and other related services.

You can find out more detailed information about the range of our services and order legal advice on opening a bank account remotely by contacting us right now directly or by leaving your request, using the feedback form.

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