Opening a corporate bank account for brokerage

In the ever-growing forex industry, you can register a brokerage company, that will bring huge profits, and, of course, you need to open a bank account with a reputable financial institution.

Opening a corporate bank account for a forex company is one of the most important components of opening a business, focused on trading on the stock exchange or currency exchange. It is quite obvious, that without being able to accept deposits and manage payments, it is impossible to start a business. And, when determining a most optimal solution and choosing a bank for each specific case, various factors play a role: from the geographical location of clients, to the general corporate structure of the business and, in fact, obtaining a license for a forex activity.

Usually one of the main problems for forex brokers is that the landscape of corporate banking accounts is constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to work with specialized firm, that understands and accepts updates to the global rules of doing business.

YB Case specialists are constantly informed of various rules, regulations and changes, that affect global banking licensing decisions. And we can provide you with qualified assistance in opening a bank account for a brokerage company in your chosen jurisdiction.

Our services:

  • Qualified advice on specific banking needs for the brokerage business;
  • The overview of solutions with prices;
  • The evaluation of options;
  • Professional support of investment projects.
  • Additional assistance in registering companies for forex trading and obtaining brokerage licenses.

Our professional team provides support services in opening corporate forex accounts in Switzerland, Portugal, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Vanuatu, Malta, etc. It is also worth noting, that you can open a forex account in Labuan.

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Banks offer:

  • The possibility of transfers to EU countries (for European banks);
  • Transfers by various systems;
  • Transfers in USD;
  • Reasonable tariffs and fees for banking services;
  • Flexible and secure account management procedures;
  • Internet banking.

Please note,that most banks for opening an account for brokerage require obtaining a license for forex trading in the same jurisdiction, where the bank is located.

It is important:Forex is a type of activity with an increased risk. Nevertheless, the existing relations between banks and our firm contribute to the smooth flow of the procedure for opening corporate forex accounts.

If you have any questions, regarding the subject of this article, YB Case specialists will give you comprehensive answers. For additional information, contacting us, using any convenient feedback form.

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