Opening an account with CSOB bank remotely

Ceskoslovenská obchodní banka, a.s. (CSOB) is one of the most influential banks in the Czech Republic, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. A bank is focused on the dynamic development of its services to meet both current and future needs of its customers. It is possible to open an account with CSOB remotely for non-residents.

Czech financial sector

CSOB was created in 1964 by the State Bank of Czechoslovakia. For many years, CSOB was the only bank in Czechoslovakia to provide services in the field of foreign trade. Today, CSOB is a universal bank, providing its services to various clients, including small enterprises and large international corporations, and it is also possible to open an account with CSOB without a personal presence for non-resident entrepreneurs.

An official currency is Czech koruna. The ability to open an account with CSOB bank remotely appeared recently. The Czech interest is related to an increase in the flow of foreign investment and, consequently, to the growth of the country’s economy.

Opening an account with CSOB bank remotely: tariffs

To open an account with a CSOB bank remotely, you need to know the rates of the banking institution in advance.

For each entrepreneur, a monthly maintenance of an account opening with CSOB remotely depends on the selected tariff package. So, for example, for non-profit organizations there is a ČSOB Account for Non-Profit Organizations package, a cost of servicing of which is 135 CZK/per month (5,45 USD). A cheapest is ČSOB Municipal Account: a cost is 100 CZK (4 USD).

Opening an account with CSOB will allow you to use standard Internet banking for free. It is worth noting, that you can withdraw cash, using a debit card from CSOB bank.

A tariff scheme is as follows and this applies to any of the selected tariffs of a banking institution:

  • A cash withdrawal in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at CSOB Bank ATMs is 5 CZK (0,20 USD);
  • A cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is 40 CZK (1,60 USD);
  • A cash withdrawal at ATMs outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia is 100 CZK (4 USD).

Request for personal advice on doing business in the Czech Republic from specialized YB Case team. During advice, you will receive comprehensive answers to questions about tariff rates in this bank.

Permanent or temporary blocking of the card, changing the PIN code at the bank’s ATMs, as well as checking a balance in the Czech Republic are free. The exception is checking a balance at ATMs of another bank.


  • A copy of the passport of the participant with access to cash management, certified by a notary;
  • A proof of address of residence;
  • The utility bill not older than 3 months. It is important to pass a notarization;
  • Corporate documents, such as Articles of Association, a certificate of registration, a confirmation of the positions of company directors and secretary;
  • A document, that confirms a location of the office;
  • A notarized annual report of the company.

An important condition for opening an account with CSOB Bank without a personal presence is a signed and notarized Power of attorney.

In order to open an account with CSOB Bank remotely, you should contact us, using any form of feedback.

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