Opening an account in Stern Bank

Stern Bank (Puerto Rico) is a licensed international financial institution with a confirmed status. Today, Stern Bank is one of the leading banks, that clearly understands consumer trends in the banking sector. In this article we provide qualified advice on opening an account with Stern Bank.

Stern Bank is a private, independent financial institution, that provides services to industrial and commercial organizations. It is located in Puerto Rico – a self-governing territory under a protectorate of the US. A main specialization is opening US corporate accounts (in USD, EUR, GBP) for foreign companies, a provision of online banking services and individual trade finance services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Stern Bank is regulated by the Puerto Rico Financial Institutions Authority (OCIF), the US Federal Reserve. It is a member of ITFA (International Trade and Forfaiting Association).

You can order personal advice on opening an account with Stern Bank from YB Case experts. Our team will also talk about all nuances, that may arise, when opening accounts in the USA.

A brief information about a bank

  • US Federal Reserve classified Stern Bank as a US state bank;
  • Provided services: an online banking, a financial trading, a forfaiting, consulting services on letters of credit;
  • It is characterized by an active implementation of programs to combat money laundering;
  • It makes payments through SWIFT, Fedwire and SEPA;
  • It introduces a new service – a provision of debit cards (since 2020);
  • Clients have the access to an online account.

Stern Bank rates



incoming payments

from 0,60%

up to 3,00%

opening an account

from $600,00

up to $4 500,00

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Open a bank account for a company WITH Stern Bank:

  • a provision of all necessary documentation (official languages are English and Spanish; a documentation in other languages ​​requires a translation and notarization);
  • filling out an online application form;
  • the Adaptation Department will review your application within 7 business days;
  • there are no mandatory requirements for apostilled documents.

A list of documents for enterprises:

  • an application for opening an account with Stern Bank;
  • a registration certificate;
  • Articles of Association;
  • a certificate, confirming a legal status of the company;
  • a proof of ownership;
  • the information about a source of funds;
  • a bank statement;
  • financial statements are required;
  • a lease agreement (if necessary);
  • a document, confirming a presence of a registered legal address (no more than 3 months ago);

A list of documents for a director/shareholder:

  • a photocopy of passport;
  • a confirmation of the address of residence (for example, a utility bill, not more than 3 months).

A list of documents for subsidiaries:

  • a registration certificate;
  • a certificate, confirming a legal status;
  • data on shareholders with each share in %;
  • a confirmation of a legal registration (not older than 3 months);
  • data on the source of funds;
  • financial reports;
  • a bank statement;
  • the lease agreement (if necessary).

Please note: in order to open an account in Stern Bank, additional documents may be required.

Terms for opening an account WITH Stern Bank

If all conditions are met (a required list of documents, deadlines for their submission, notarial subtleties), it will take from 5 to 14 days to open an account. It is possible to open a corporate account for a company with Stern Bank without a personal visit.

A confidentiality

The information about suppliers, customers is confidential, unless a disclosure is permitted by the law in accordance with the applicable law. Stern International Bank takes a security of your accounts seriously. Our specialists will provide you with detailed information on AML/CTF compliance during qualified advice on opening an account with Stern Bank.

You will receive more information about Stern Bank during personal advice on opening bank accounts in Puerto Rico.

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