Opening a bank account in Asia remotely

Opening an account with Asian banks remotely is possible in several ways. So, for example, sometimes opening a bank account remotely can only be conditionally. A bank allows you to open an account, but you need to visit a bank for a personal conversation during any set period.

It also happens, that you can open an account with the Asian bank remotely, using an intermediary, representative, or by proxy, or through a remote branch, as, for example, in many countries you can see an HSBC bank branch.

Features of opening an account remotely

Of course, it is always preferable to open an account with a personal visit to the bank. It can be more expensive, but this way the representatives of the bank feel much more comfortable, and, accordingly, behave more compliant. But it is not always possible to find an opportunity to personally fly into the country to visit a bank, especially in the current situation with coronavirus infection.

Nevertheless, there is such an opportunity, and YB Case experts organize it for their clients. So, if you are going to open a bank account in Asia remotely, you need to bet on maximum trust.

Banks often reject applications without giving reasons, and therefore you need to carefully work on the application: fill out the questionnaire correctly, provide full business and commercial information, and also explain in detail to the bank why you need an account.

To date, we have several solutions for opening an account with Asian banks remotely.

Tariffs OCBC, China:, China:

  • A minimum deposit is 5,000 EUR;
  • Incoming payments are 7 EUR;
  • Outgoing payments are 1,8% (7-78 EUR);
  • A payment for the account maintenance is 20 EUR.

We provide our customers with a unique opportunity: qualified support in opening an account with OCBC Bank in China.

Opening a bank account in Singapore remotely

Singapore is a highly developed city-state with a developed economy and financial sector. You can open an account in Singapore without a personal visit at the following banks: Citibank, OCBC and DBS. Let's look at some more.

This is one of the first Singapore banks, which was founded in 1902. It is a respectable institution, and the largest bank in Singapore in terms of the number of employees.

Tariffs of City Bank, Singapore:

  • Transfers are from 13 to 130 EUR;
  • A minimum deposit is 64 700 EUR;
  • A payment for the account maintenance is 45 EUR/month.

If you need to open an account with Citi Bank Singapore remotely, we can provide you with the corresponding accompanying services.

It was established by the government of Singapore in 1968. It is the largest bank in Southeast Asia in terms of assets. To date, the number of DBS Singapore branches has exceeded one hundred.

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DBS Singapore rates:

  • The minimum balance is 650 EUR;
  • Outgoing transfers are 1,8% (from 6,5 to 78 EUR);
  • Incoming transfers are 6,5 EUR;
  • Closing a bank account is 33 EUR.

We are ready to provide you with full support in opening an account with DBS Singapore remotely.

Opening a corporate bank account in Malaysia remotely

You can open an account in Malaysia without a personal visit at the same OCBC bank. It should only be taken into account, that opening an account remotely is possible only for local and Hong Kong or Singapore companies, as well as other companies with a direct structure and trading activities.

Opening a corporate bank account in Kyrgyzstan remotely

Bakai Bank was founded in 1998. It is one of the best banks in the Kyrgyz Republic, and successfully serves both resident and non-resident customers.

Tariffs of Bakai Bank:

  • A fee for opening an account is 3 EUR;
  • Transaction fees are 0,2% (from 18 to 255 EUR);
  • Closing a bank account is 3 EUR.

You can open an account with Bakai Bank without a personal visit with professional assistance of YB Case experts and in a short time.


Please note, that YB Case experts are ready to provide support services at all stages of opening a corporate account remotely for both personal and corporate purposes. Moreover, our experts also provide comprehensive advice on registering companies in Asia and opening corporate accounts for financial and crypto business.

You can call us and find out more information about the services of our company, using the contacts described below, or by leaving your request, using the feedback form.

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