Registering a company in Europe in 2024: always an advantageous offer

Today, registering a company in Europe is considered one of the most profitable and prestigious options, both for starting a startup, investing in a business project, and for expanding an existing business.

Modern Europe is more than 50 independent states, most of which are progressive, economically developed and play an important role in the political arena of the world.

Many foreign businessmen seek to open a company in Europe, because of the presence of comfortable, well-thought-out business conditions, as well as a simple and clear registration procedure, that does not require long paperwork, as well as long months of waiting for approval by the authorities of the chosen jurisdiction.

Benefits of opening a European business

If you plan to open a company in the EU, then pay your attention to the fact, that according to studies of the popular financial publication Doing Business in 2019, leading positions in the list of countries with the most favorable conditions for doing business belong to European jurisdictions, in particular, such as: Denmark, Macedonia, Sweden and others.

The assessment is based on characteristics of conducting international trade, the level of fulfillment of contract terms, obtaining permits from local authorities for construction, opening a business by foreigners, as well as granting loans and more.

If you want to register a company in the European Union, you will find the most comfortable business climate for creating and developing your own business, as well as the following advantages:

  • A thriving economy, as well as a stable socio-political situation;
  • A high quality of life;
  • The presence of highly qualified labor resources;
  • A reliable and stable currency;
  • A developed banking sector;
  • A modern infrastructure;
  • A state interest in attracting foreign investment;
  • The availability of DTA agreements;
  • A flexible taxation;
  • The availability of free economic zones;
  • The ability to register an ICO business in EU;

Also, a separate advantage for those, who wish to set up a company in the European Union, will be the opportunity to open virtually any type of business in Europe - micro, small, medium or large, having received the support of local authorities. If necessary, the registration procedure, as well as opening an account with a European bank, can be carried out in a convenient remote mode.

Top 5 most progressive EU countries

If you are planning to open a medium or large business in one of the European countries, then the best solution would be to register a company in Denmark or to establish an enterprise in Sweden. These countries are able to offer you a developed economic, scientific and technological base for the development and implementation of business projects, as well as many attractive ideas for investing.

Also, for those, who wish to acquire a ready-made business in a prestigious jurisdiction with a high standard of living and the presence of highly qualified personnel, we advise you to register a company in Norway, to open a commercial firm in the UK or to register a company in Iceland.

Top 5 countries with the most reliable banks

Planning to start a business in Europe, you should register a company in Switzerland, open a company in Luxembourg or set up an enterprise in the Czech Republic. These countries are characterized by a developed banking sector, offering convenient conditions for opening European accounts for individuals and legal entities, as well as providing a wide range of credit, investment and insurance services. Also, those, who interested in a high level of confidentiality and reliable asset protection, should open a corporate account with a bank in Liechtenstein or in Finland.

Top 5 countries with the most loyal taxation

The registration of a company in Ireland, opening of a company in Hungary, as well as the registration of a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be an excellent opportunity for conducting international business in conditions of a low corporate taxation. If you want to do business in these countries, the income tax rate will be for you from 9 to 12,5%.

Similar corporate tax rates await you, if you decide to register a company in Bulgaria, to open a company in Cyprus or to open a commercial firm in Germany.

Separately, it is worth noting a favorable offer from Switzerland, such as the registration of a company in the canton of Bern, opening of a company in the canton of Schwyz, as well as in the cantons of Lucerne, Zug and Argau, in which the basic income tax rate varies from 1,55% to 6%.

Top 3 promising free economic zones

Another good solution for investing and opening a startup is to register a company in the EEA, which includes 28 EU countries, as well as 3 EFTA countries. If we talk about the most promising and rapidly developing special economic zones, that offer special conditions for carrying out activities in the field of medicine, biotechnology, IT-technologies, as well as in trade and industrial industries, then you should register a company in the UK, open a company in Latvia or set up a company in Belarus.

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The best jurisdictions for ISO business

The interest of foreign investors and businessmen in the development of ICO projects is growing more and more every year. If you want to make money on cryptocurrency and are looking for the most suitable jurisdiction, we recommend you to open a company in Spain, to register a company for crypto activities in Switzerland or to obtain a license for ICO in the Czech Republic.

Features of a business registration

If you want to open a company in the EU, you will need to prepare and draw up a minimum package of documents, in particular:

  • A civil passport and a copy, as well as a driver’s license or a foreign passport of the beneficiary;
  • A bank statement or the utility bill (to confirm the beneficiary's place of residence);
  • A confirmation of solvency (for opening an account with a bank).

In addition, in order to register a company in Europe remotely, you will need to provide several options for the name of the company, as well as data on the preferred activity of the future company and the chosen jurisdiction.

Starting a business in the EU

If you are interested in the opportunity to register a company in the EU remotely, then the proven firm YB Case is ready to provide you with a full range of consulting and accompanying services on opening your own business in any of the above jurisdictions, give a detailed description of the specifics of the business climate, will assist in opening a corporate account in a European bank, accompany in the process of obtaining a license for doing European business, and draw up all relevant documents.

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