IT park Uzbekistan
The development of the IT sector in Uzbekistan, particularly through initiatives like the IT Park in Tashkent, showcases the government's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting technology-driven businesses.

Here are some key points that highlight the growth and potential of the IT industry in Uzbekistan:

Technology Parks:
The establishment of technology parks, including IT Park and Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center, provides IT companies with access to modern infrastructure and tax incentives. These parks create a conducive environment for technology businesses to thrive.
The government's focus on IT education is crucial for nurturing a skilled workforce. Specialized universities and courses offer IT education and programming training, ensuring a pool of talented IT specialists to meet industry demands.
Investments and Support:
Financial support and tax incentives for IT companies demonstrate the government's commitment to attracting investments and promoting the growth of the IT sector. These measures make Uzbekistan an appealing destination for both local and foreign IT businesses.
Personnel Potential:
Uzbekistan's young and talented IT specialists contribute to the sector's growth. A skilled workforce is essential for the success of IT companies, and Uzbekistan offers a promising talent pool.
Startup Ecosystem:
The active support for startups, including incubation centers and startup accelerators, fosters entrepreneurship and innovation in the IT field. These initiatives provide financial and expert support to aspiring IT entrepreneurs.
Electronic Government:
The introduction of electronic government services and platforms enhances the convenience of conducting business in Uzbekistan. This digitalization effort benefits both citizens and businesses by streamlining processes.
Furthermore, Uzbekistan's strategic geographical location and favorable business conditions position it as an attractive destination for companies seeking to establish or expand their IT operations. The government's commitment to the development of the IT sector aligns with the global trend toward digitalization and innovation, making Uzbekistan a promising hub for IT businesses.

What is unique about the IT sector?

The IT sector in Uzbekistan stands out due to several distinguishing features that make it an appealing destination for IT companies and startups. Uzbekistan offers a business-friendly environment with ongoing efforts to reduce bureaucracy, simplify registration and licensing processes, and ensure investor rights. The IT industry in the country is characterized by rapid technological development, creating opportunities for businesses to stay agile and responsive to market changes.

Furthermore, the focus on innovation is a key aspect of Uzbekistan's IT sector, with companies encouraged to develop creative and groundbreaking solutions that benefit various industries and improve people's lives. Government support is substantial, with initiatives such as special economic zones, tax incentives, simplified administrative procedures, and financial aid for startups enhancing the attractiveness of Uzbekistan as an IT hub.

The country boasts a specialized IT training programs available in many universities, ensuring a steady supply of qualified IT professionals. Companies registered in Uzbekistan's IT Parks enjoy significant advantages, including tax benefits and exemptions. Additionally, the IT sector fosters a culture of creative thinking and innovation, particularly in areas like software development, user interface design, and app creation.

Uzbekistan's growing reputation as a regional IT hub makes it a compelling choice for companies seeking opportunities in Central Asia and beyond, offering a supportive ecosystem for innovation and growth in the digital economy.

Creating a startup in Uzbekistan's IT Park

Creating a startup in Uzbekistan's IT Park and becoming a resident involves several key steps.

Step I
  1. First, you should carefully review the requirements and rules of IT Park to ensure your project aligns with the program's terms and conditions. Developing a comprehensive business plan is crucial, outlining your startup's goals, strategy, revenue potential, and the products or services it intends to offer.
Step II
  1. Next, you'll need to open a company in the IT Park of Uzbekistan. This typically involves providing the required documents, and sharing information about your project. Building a skilled team is essential, as assembling a competent team with the expertise and skills necessary to execute your startup's vision is crucial for success. Additionally, it's essential to keep your team updated on the latest technology trends, as IT requirements are continually evolving.
Step III
  1. Seeking support and investment is another critical step. Leverage the advantages of IT Park, including access to various sources of financial support and potential investors, to secure the necessary funding for your startup.

Activity that can be developed in the IT Park in Uzbekistan

As for the areas of activity that can be developed in the IT Park in Uzbekistan, there are numerous possibilities within the field of information technology. Your choice of activity should align with your skills, interests, and market demand.

To become a resident of IT Park in Uzbekistan, you must meet specific criteria established by the government of the country. These criteria typically include engaging in IT-related activities, investing in IT projects and technical infrastructure, creating jobs for local specialists, and complying with Uzbekistan's legislation.

Resident status in IT Park benefits

Resident status in IT Park offers several benefits, including tax exemptions, simplified import/export processes, an expedited company registration process, government support, access to modern infrastructure, and the opportunity to tap into Uzbekistan's dynamic IT sector and its strategic location in Central Asia for access to regional markets.

By following these steps and meeting the criteria, you can create and grow your startup within the supportive ecosystem of IT Park in Uzbekistan.

IT visa to Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, an IT visa is available for foreign citizens looking to work in the field of information technology. You can obtain an IT visa in Uzbekistan if you fall under one of the following categories:

IT Specialists:
These are professionals working in the field of information technology, typically employed by a company registered as a resident in the IT Park of the Republic of Uzbekistan. IT specialists possess knowledge and skills in computer technology, networks, software, and systems management. Their tasks may include configuring, installing, and updating software; repairing and maintaining computer equipment and networks; troubleshooting computer systems and network issues; ensuring information system security; and providing user support and advice on computers and software. To be eligible for an IT visa in Uzbekistan, an information technology specialist must demonstrate that their income from providing IT services has been at least $30,000 or the equivalent in the national currency over the last 12 months at the time of their visa application.
Founders of IT Park Resident Companies:
Individuals or representatives of foreign companies who have founded or are part of a company registered as a resident in the IT Park.
These are individuals or representatives of foreign companies who provide financial backing to legal entities offering IT services. To be eligible, they must enter into an agreement to invest a minimum of $10,000 or the equivalent in the national currency.
Obtaining an IT visa in Uzbekistan allows individuals in these categories to work within the country's IT sector, facilitating their contribution to the industry's growth and development.


Uzbekistan is increasingly attracting IT companies, developers, and SaaS specialists due to its favorable conditions for industry development.

For those considering opening a company in an IT hub in Uzbekistan or exploring the prospect of relocating the business to Tashkent IT park, seeking professional guidance is advisable. Experienced experts can provide support in the registration process Tashkent IT park. Our specialized team is also ready to offer assistance for relocating business to Uzbekistan's IT Park.

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