How to register a company in Switzerland. Features in 2023

Since Switzerland is an interesting jurisdiction for many types of business activities, almost every day we are approached by entrepreneurs, who have decided to set up a company in Switzerland, to open an account with a Swiss bank or register an ICO in Switzerland. In this article we will talk about such a question as the registration of a company in Switzerland.

What you need to know, before deciding to establish a commercial enterprise in Switzerland?

The main point to consider is the presence of a local director in the structure. If you do not have a Swiss residency, you will need services of a nominee director. A positive point in this case is the fact, that it is possible to appoint 2 directors, only one should have a residence in Switzerland.

If we talk about a taxation in Switzerland, it varies from canton to canton, from city to city. A most popular canton, when registering a Swiss company, is Zug, namely a city of Baar. A total tax rate here is 14,47%.

If you want to set up a commercial firm in Switzerland, you will need to choose a legal form of the company, especially when you consider the ability to conduct most operations outside of Switzerland.

To register a holding company in Switzerland:

  • The tax system for such an organization provides for full exemption from an income tax at the canton level, so the aforementioned tax is paid at the federal level with a favorable rate of 7,8%.
  • The capital tax, levied on the canton level, is reduced.
  • To get privileges, you need:
  • Related companies must manage long-term investments;
  • Commercial activities are limited;
  • 2/3 of the total assets are shares, 2/3 of the total gross income are dividends from qualifying companies.

To set up a mixed enterprise in Switzerland:

  • such firm should work mainly abroad: at least 80% of the income must be withdrawn from outside Switzerland, and at least 80% of the expenses must be made abroad.
  • Only a small quota for foreign income will be taxed at the canton level (the rate in this case is 8,5-10,5%). In addition, a reduced capital tax is applied.

Registering a company in Switzerland implies an impressive authorized capital. The minimum capital is 20 000 CHF, it is used for small businesses and is suitable only for certain types of activities. A minimum capital is enough to register a GmbH in Switzerland. Perhaps, you are interested in opening an ICO in Switzerland, then you will need to register an AG in Switzerland with a minimum authorized fund of 100,000 CHF.

You will need to pay the annual maintenance of the company. The annual content of the company in Switzerland includes:

  • a nominee director;
  • a legal address;
  • a virtual office;
  • accountant services;
  • a payment of taxes.

The cost of the accountant’s services will depend on the number of operations, and the payment of taxes - on the company's turnover.

Please note, that if a license is provided for your business in Switzerland, you have 2 options to choose: to apply for a license in Switzerland or to join a self-regulatory organization in Switzerland. Types of licenses and their pricing policies can be clarified with our lawyers.

YB Case specialists are ready to offer you their services and support you in registering a company in Switzerland remotely, obtaining a license in Switzerland and opening an account with a Swiss bank.

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