Comoros: starting a business
Comoros: starting a business

Comoros is an archipelago of islands, located in the Indian Ocean. The leading sectors of the economy are: an industry and an agriculture. If you want to register a company on the Comoros, you will need to choose one of the legal forms of doing business.

Legal forms

  • SNC is a general partnership;
  • SCS is a limited partnership;
  • SARL is a private limited company;
  • SA is an open limited company.

The most common legal form is SARL.

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When registering a company on Comoros, it is necessary to fulfill all requirements of the Regulator:

  • A minimum number of directors/shareholders is 1.
  • The min authorized capital is about 2,000 €.
  • To obtain a Comoros license to conduct such activities: telecommunications, oil and gas, financial and banking sectors, a water and electricity, a civil aviation.
  • To prepare all necessary documents.
  • To register a unique company name and a legal address.

A taxation and reporting

  • A corporate tax rate is 32,1%;
  • A conducting the audit and filing financial statements - no requirements.

Professional assistance

The process of registering a commercial firm on Comoros is from 4 days.

If you decide to set up a company in Comoros, contact YB Case team for more detailed information. Specialists of our company will advise on establishing of enterprises on Comoros and beyond.

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