Singapore & Hong Kong: Opening a Company & Bank Account

Many businessmen, who want to grow their business are looking for new markets, partners and potential customers. Today we will consider the issues of registering a company in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as opening an account in Singapore and Hong Kong, because Asian international markets are a strong present and promising future for every entrepreneur.

Hong Kong started working with non-residents again

A good exit to Asia is Hong Kong. Combining Chinese and English traditions of doing business, this state is an ideal for companies and bank accounts of shell companies. But due to the fact, that the world has tightened its policy, regarding offshore companies and dummy companies, many countries, in order not to lose the influence and a status, have introduced a ban on opening accounts for non-resident companies or tightened rules for a registration.

Now in the same Hong Kong, residents of Arab and African states, as well as residents of the CIS countries, can actually open a bank account for a local company, but only at one bank. In order to conduct trading activities with China and other major states, non-residents will need to open an account with DBS bank.

Our company has a vast experience in assistance in opening accounts for non-resident companies. Established contacts, the constant search for new opportunities, the competence and professionalism of our team allow us to solve absolutely any issues. We advise and accompany our clients at every stage, helping in international business activities.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to resolve the issue and want to open a bank account for a Hong Kong company, then we offer you effective solutions to your tasks. You can take the opportunity to open an account in Hong Kong with a personal visit or register an account in Singapore.

Singapore - a state of low taxes

The Republic of Singapore is an island city-state, located in Southeast Asia. The state includes 63 islands. Singapore has established diplomatic relations with many countries of the world (including countries of the European Union), because country's leaders are focused on a foreign policy.

Here the crime rate is one of the lowest in the world. A developed economy and a low taxation attract investors from other countries. An income here is taxed only at the company level. Due to the multinational and multi-religious population, residents of Singapore are very friendly towards foreigners.

If you are interested in registering a company in Singapore or opening an account with Singapore banks, our specialists will provide you with consulting and support services.

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Open a corporate account in DBS Bank - the largest bank in the country

DBS Bank, formerly known as Development Bank of Singapore Limited, is a multifunctional financial system in the country. Opening a bank account with DBS Bank Singapore is prestigious and profitable, as well as opening an account with DBS bank HK.

It is a time-tested efficient banking corporation, which has more than one hundred branches. In addition, it is the largest bank in Asia.

To open an account with DBS Bank, you must:

  • a company Charter;
  • a company constituent agreement;
  • the passport;
  • a proof of residence (a bank statement indicating the beneficiary's address is suitable);
  • to indicate the address in order for you to deliver a special device for the account;
  • a personal presence.

The bank statement must be in English and with the bank’s wet seal.

Advantages, the access to Asian markets, a cooperation with China

As you can see, our company is looking for ways to solve all tasks. You will be able to establish new market relations and attract partners from China. This will enhance your company’s reputation, because, as mentioned earlier, Hong Kong cooperates not only with Asian countries, but also with the European Union. We will assist in opening a corporate account at DBS Bank HK or at any other banks in the world. Business should not stand still, because to be successful tomorrow, you need to start acting today.

To register a company in Singapore or to set up a company in Hong Kong, as well as open a corporate account, please contact us at the contacts, listed on the website.

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