Marshall Islands: what you need to know to register a business

Marshall Islands is a member of the United Nations. At a high level of development are: services, an agriculture, a tourism, the transport, a fishing. Entrepreneurs from around the world are interested in setting up a company on the Marshall Islands, such high demand has contributed to a cost-effective business environment.

Benefits of registering a business on the Marshall Islands:

  • A fast registration process;
  • The territorial tax principle;
  • Filing an annual financial report is not required;
  • The minimum set of documents;
  • A nominal service is available;
  • Lack of a currency control;
  • No requirements for an authorized capital.

If you want to register a commercial enterprise on the Marshall Islands, you must choose one of the legal forms. IBC is the most popular form.

To establish a commercial firm on Marshall Islands, follow such requirements of the Regulator:

  • A min number of directors/shareholders is 1;
  • You should register an office;
  • To hire a local licensed agent and a secretary;
  • To register a unique name in Latin with a mention of a legal form at the end;
  • To prepare standard documentation:
  • a photocopy of the passport, certified by a notary;
  • a power of attorney;
  • a document with an apostille, confirming the beneficiary's place of residence.

A registration process lasts 2 days.

A taxation and reporting

Companies, registered in the Marshall Islands, are not taxed, if they operate outside the jurisdiction.

There are no requirements for financial reporting and auditing.

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In order to register a commercial enterprise on the Marshals successfully, you must have an experience and knowledge. Qualified specialists of YB Case will assist you with this process. Our experts will provide professional support/consulting services for setting up a business on Marshals and in other jurisdictions.

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