Starting a business in Hong Kong in 2024

Hong Kong is an administrative region of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the five best financial centers in Asia. Entrepreneurs, who want to register a company in Hong Kong in 2024, should know all features and nuances of doing business in this jurisdiction.

The leading areas of the economy of this jurisdiction are:

  • a power engineering;
  • a trade;
  • a construction;
  • a food industry;
  • an electronic industry;
  • a production of building materials;
  • transport.

Thanks to favorable business conditions, a loyal tax climate and an exemplary image, this jurisdiction is quite common among foreign investors. Request personal advice on registering a company in Hong Kong from competent specialists of YB Case, and the registration process will be easy and in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of starting a business in Hong Kong:

  • A guaranteed data protection.
  • The country is a signatory to double tax treaties.
  • There is no currency control.
  • There are no restrictions on the size of the minimum authorized capital.
  • The process of a company registration is from 3 days.
  • Ranks 4 in the world among Asian financial centers.
  • A favorable taxation.
  • A convenient location.
  • Foreign entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to register a company in Hong Kong remotely.

Having decided to register a business in Hong Kong, you will need to familiarize yourself and choose one of the proposed legal forms for registration of your company.

Legal forms of companies:

  • an Individual Enterprise;
  • a Commercial Partnership;
  • a Limited Liability Company (LLC) - Hong Kong Private Limited Company (PLC).

The last item is the most popular and common form of business activity among foreign businessmen.

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Regulator terms:

  • The minimum number of directors and shareholders is at least one.
  • To register the unique name of the institution.
  • To hire a secretary.
  • To register an office space.
  • To obtain a license in Hong Kong, if your business is:
  • a sphere of restaurant business;
  • a tourism;
  • financial services;
  • the export/import.
  • To prepare all necessary documents, certified by a notary:
  • a Memorandum of Association;
  • a Charter;
  • a passport;
  • to confirm the address of residence in a foreign country;
  • a bank confirmation of solvency.

Taxes and reporting

  • an income tax is 16,5%;
  • dividends are 0%;
  • a VAT is 0%.

The territorial tax principle applies. Entrepreneurs, operating outside Hong Kong are exempted from a corporate tax.

An accounting and auditing are mandatory.

professional assistance in registering a Hong Kong company

In order to register a company in Hong Kong promptly and efficiently, we recommend you to contact us for more detailed information about this jurisdiction. Experienced specialists will tell you all nuances and provide qualified support at all stages of registering an enterprise in Hong Kong.

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