Registering a company in Moldova: features, a taxation, benefits

Moldova is a European jurisdiction. Developed areas are: an agriculture and a winemaking. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Moldova became an independent state. Those, who wish to set up a company in Moldova, should familiarize themselves with peculiarities of this country.

Legal forms:

  • registering a Corporation in Moldova;
  • registering an LLP in Moldova;
  • registering a representative office in Moldova.

Basic requirements of the LLC (SRL):

  • 1 director and 1 shareholder of any nationality.
  • The min authorized fund is 300 USD.
  • A submission of audit and financial statements to the commercial register of Moldova are annually.
  • The beneficiary’s personal visit is not needed.

Key nuances of the AO (SA):

  • Used by investors, who would like to trade stocks in regulated commercial markets.
  • The min paid up capital is 1100 USD.
  • 1 director and 1 shareholder, a residence does not matter.
  • An audit financial statements is annually.

A Representation:

  • can be 100% foreign;
  • the subject can participate only in non-profit events, for example, a market research.
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Benefits of registering a company in Moldova:

  • a corporate tax rate is 12%. The tax structure is similar to the EU;
  • no requirements for the presence of a local office;
  • the beneficiary and the secretary do not need a visit to the country (in the process of registering the Moldovan LLC);
  • A personal visit is required for one shareholder and one director (in the process of registering a Joint-Stock Company in Moldova).

Tax incentives:

  • 50% tax deduction for the income, derived from the export of goods from SEZ;
  • 25% reduction in a corporate tax on all other income;
  • profits, derived from goods, exported from the SEZ, are exempted from taxes for 3 years a (minimum investment of $1,000,000);
  • profits, derived from goods, exported from the SEZ, are exempted from taxes for 5 years (a minimum investment of $5,000,000).

Moldova has signed double taxation avoidance agreements with 48 countries, including: Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland.

In most cases, dividends, transferred from a subsidiary, registered in Moldova to a parent company, are not subject to taxation.

If you have decided to register a company in Moldova, it is worth considering:

  • some documents require a translation into the local language - Romanian;
  • a certain type of activity may require a license to conduct business.

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