Opening a company in Slovenia

Slovenia was the first to introduce the euro in the EU, and has undergone a political and economic transformation in Central and Southeast Europe. Slovenia has an excellent infrastructure, a well-educated workforce. YB Case can provide you with professional advice on opening a company in Slovenia.

Benefits of registering an enterprise in Slovenia

  • Slovenian LLC can be established with 1 director and 1 shareholder of any nationality;
  • Foreign investors can open a Slovenian business remotely;
  • A minimum authorized fund is €7,500;
  • A corporate tax rate of 17%;
  • Slovenia has no currency control, which simplifies an international trade for manufacturing companies.

Investors from CIS are interested in this jurisdiction, because:

  • It is interested in a mediation between CIS countries and the USA;
  • A bilateral trade between Russia and Slovenia is 1,5 billion Euros;
  • Slovenian banking solutions in Russian are easy to use;
  • A lot of efforts are aimed at protecting minority investors;
  • Slovenia is very cheap (food, transport, utilities, rent, wages).

Cons of registering a Slovenian commercial firm

  • The economy of this jurisdiction was hit hard by a global economic downturn in 2008, a debt crisis in the Eurozone in 2013, which caused negative growth rates both in 2012/2013. However, the country has experienced a positive economic growth in 2015 at a relatively low rate of 2,3%;
  • Although many Slovak speak in English, it is a second language. Most speak in Slovenian as their native language, and official business documents will need to be translated into Slovenian;
  • The country takes 90th place in the ranking of economic freedom, the situation is complicated by incredibly strict labor standards.

The country is supportive of the manufacturing business:

  • a high-quality infrastructure of electronic and manufacturing industries. 22nd place in the world in terms of higher education;
  • a high level of foreign direct investment;
  • a jurisdiction is at the crossroads of many important trade routes: from east to west, from north to south;
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How to open a commercial Slovenian enterprise?

First of all, non-residents must obtain a Slovenian tax number.

  • A name of the firm. You must verify, that a selected name is not in a business register.
  • Company members. All legal forms of enterprises (except Sole Traders) are registering by at least 1 director. You can appoint multiple directors.
  • A head office. It must be registered before a company registration.

Steps for setting up a company in Slovenia:

  • A free consultation;
  • A translation of documentation (if necessary);
  • Slovenian tax number and certificate of criminal record for all future foreign founders;
  • Registering an enterprise in Slovenia;
  • Opening an account with a Slovenian bank.

Our experts will assist in choosing the most suitable form of business in Slovenia, will help at all stages of a registration in Slovenia/EU.

Legal forms

  • When entrepreneurs have 7,500 EUR, they will conduct business with no more than 50 shareholders. It is typical for Private Limited Liability enterprises. Increase/decrease in capital, transformation/liquidation of the enterprise, other important issues are adopted at a General Meeting.
  • If Slovenian or foreign entrepreneurs have 25,000 EUR, they can set up a JSC in Slovenia. A number of shareholders may be above 50. Their liability is limited by their contribution. General Meeting of shareholders is mandatory.
  • Two partners can open a Slovenian General Partnership. They are also responsible for obligations of the firm. No minimum share capital, but partners’ assets can be used to cover liabilities.
  • To establish a Slovenian LP, one partner is responsible for debts of this firm within his/her contribution, a general partner has an unlimited liability. Only common partners can make all management decisions.
  • Partnership by Shares in Slovenia consists of at least 5 partners. Obligations of participants are determined by their contribution.

Slovenia offers many opportunities for investors. As an EU member, Slovenia has signed many treaties in the attempt to attract investment.

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