Why should you open a company in Vanuatu?
Why should you open a company in Vanuatu?

Wondering “In which zone to open a bank account?”, few people bet on Vanuatu. And in vain, because this state is one of the best low-tax jurisdictions for banking.

Due to its low popularity, Vanuatu does not attract much attention. This factor creates ideal conditions for buying an existing company in Vanuatu, opening a bank account in Vanuatu, obtaining a Vanuatu banking license.

Owners of large firms, potential investors began to look for an alternative to European banks. One of these alternatives is Vanuatu.

A general information

This jurisdiction is an island nation, bordering a territorial waters of Australia and Fiji. Registering an enterprise in Vanuatu involves a payment of VAT - 12,5%.

A state offers interesting conditions for banking, obtaining a banking license in Vanuatu.

Australia and New Zealand have greatly influenced a fact, that modern Vanuatu is considered a transparent and investment-attractive region.

Benefits of setting up a company in Vanuatu:

  • VAT is the only major tax in Vanuatu, authorities is strongly against raising it;
  • corporate and income taxes for businessmen, who want to buy an existing company in Vanuatu, are 0%.

As in most classical jurisdictions, business owners in Vanuatu must keep accounts, but there are no mandatory reporting or auditing requirements.

A taxation conditions in Vanuatu are the same for both non-resident and local companies.

The only drawback of this jurisdiction is the government’s plans to raise an income tax to 17%.

Opening a bank account in Vanuatu

A collaboration with Vanuatu banks is the best solution for risk diversification. It gives you:

  • a convenience of managing funds;
  • a stability;
  • a reliability;
  • a confidentiality.

You can open an account with National Bank of Vanuatu or Pacific Private Bank (a boutique bank for business, opened according to European standards).

A brokerage firm GreenRock Securities also offers its services. You can open an account with GreenRock Securities through cash management accounts. The main advantages of GrieenRock include:

  • the efficiency;
  • the ability to open an account in Vanuatu remotely;
  • personalized deposit offers.

It should also be noted, that you can open an account with Vanuatu banks in any convenient currency.

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To buy a Forex license in Vanuatu

Vanuatu offers excellent conditions for purchase a brokerage license. Due to its low registration prices and fast registration, Vanuatu has become one of the most popular jurisdictions among forex brokers.

Opening a forex business in Vanuatu provides such benefits:

  • A minimum capital should be about $2,000.
  • No local office needed to purchase a Forex license in Vanuatu.

To obtain a banking license in Vanuatu

Renewing such a license will cost only $8,000/year. An authorized capital of a private bank starts from $500 000.

That is why it is more profitable for large companies to conduct financial transactions through their own bank. The purchase of a banking license in Vanuatu involves the mandatory registration of a company in Vanuatu.

You can open a business in Vanuatu or buy a banking license in Vanuatu anonymously.

A territorial remoteness of jurisdiction makes it particularly attractive. Vanuatu can be a worthy alternative to classical jurisdictions, including European ones.

Do you want to open a bank account with Vanuatu Bank, to buy an existing company in Vanuatu or buy a banking license in Vanuatu? Contact us, and we will help to do this on the most favorable terms for you!

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