Registering a business in 2022: how to establish a company in Cyprus?
Registering a business in 2022: how to establish a company in Cyprus?

Entrepreneurs, who want to open a business in Cyprus, must conduct activities in accordance with the Companies Act (2003).

Legal forms:

  • LLC;
  • OJSC;
  • A Partnership: general or limited.

Registering an LLC in Cyprus. Features:

  • at least 1 founder, a max. number of shareholders is 50;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • a capital is divided into shares (cannot be freely transferred);
  • a shareholder liability is limited by the size of deposits;
  • an enterprise is managed by the Board of Directors;
  • a local secretary is a mandatory requirement of the Regulator.
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Establishing a Cyprus JSC. Features:

  • the max. number of shareholders is unlimited, shares can be freely transferred;
  • shares may be listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange;
  • there are no minimum capital requirements.

Opening a Partnership in Cyprus. Features:

  • a Full Partnership implies a presence of at least 2 sharers (no more than 20);
  • within 1 month from the registration, a partnership must be registered in the Register of partnerships;
  • foreign investors can participate in partnerships.

A Limited Partnership is popular among small businesses. It has a general and a limited partners: a general partner is responsible for managing the company, has an unlimited liability.

Foreigners can open branches in Cyprus. A main requirement is the provision of annual financial statements in Greek or with appropriate translation.

Cyprus taxation

  • A corporate tax is 12,5%.
  • Resident companies and private individuals are subject to state defense contributions.
  • A foreign resident pays tax on income, earned in Cyprus.

For more information about a tax environment of Cyprus, request for personal advice on tax and accounting reports from YB Case specialists.

  • Dividends - 0%.
  • Royalty - 10%.
  • Interest - 0%.

How to register an enterprise in Cyprus remotely?

To set up a Cyprus company, ask for personal advice on starting a business in Cyprus with experienced YB Case professionals, who will help at every stage of business registration abroad.

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