Registering a company in Cyprus

In November 2018, the Central Bank of Cyprus published a Circular. This document contains new rules for registering Cyprus companies. After its entry into force, it became more difficult to establish an enterprise in Cyprus.

An appellation “shell company” is introduced to refer to an LLC or legal entities with such characteristics:

  • Actions at the place of registration are not performed (except for the postal address).
  • A physical presence of an enterprise implies own/leased accommodation in this jurisdiction. A lack of attention to a management of a firm can be interpreted as a lack of physical presence. Third parties provide only nominee services without a physical presence.
  • Such organizations do not carry out economic activities in Cyprus; they have a little economic valuation.

In other words, doing business outside Cyprus means, that an organization can be recognized as a “shell company”.

We remind you, that our team provides assistance in registering Cyprus enterprises. After providing our specialists with all necessary documents, we register the legal entity in the relevant authorities of Cyprus. We also provide professional support in drafting contracts with third parties.

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An economic activity can be confirmed by:

  • An enterprise is engaged in legal activities with identifiable ultimate beneficiaries;
  • Such firm is registered with an aim of storing assets: a real estate, ships, aircraft, investment portfolios, etc.;
  • Opening a company in Cyprus to facilitate operations with a foreign currency and transfer of assets, for corporate mergers;
  • With convincing evidence, that the entity is conducting a legitimate business.

The above steps indicate, that an organization is not a “shell company”.

With EU or OECD blacklisted companies, without a tax residency, banks do not want to have any business relationships.

A final decision on cooperation with such companies remains with each individual bank.

A business relationship policy with such companies should be properly revised in accordance with “Anti-Money Laundering Agreement” (AML).

Our company offers advice on AML/CTF rules.

Deciding to establish a commercial enterprise in Cyprus, remember, that the Circular creates serious problems for owners of “shell companies”, who work with local banks.

YB Case specialists are ready to give recommendations on current changes, help to make operational decisions and measures, offer recommendations on registering a Cyprus company, assist in establishing a company in Cyprus remotely, and provide recommendations on alternative jurisdictions for registering companies.

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