Registering a company in New York

New York is the largest state in the United States of America, which is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Along with London and Tokyo, it is called one of the three main centers of the global economy. For entrepreneurs, who want to do business in the United States, registering a company in New York can be an interesting option.

A material was written to inform you about some aspects of doing business in this jurisdiction.

New York benefits

We offer you to get acquainted with the advantages of registering a company in New York:

  • a stability in economic development;
  • the effectiveness of laws;
  • good conditions have been created for non-residents to do business.

Choosing a legal form

Before setting up an enterprise in New York, you need to choose a legal form of the future company. In this state you can open:

  • a Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • a Corporation (C-Corp/S-Corp);
  • a Representative office/branch of a foreign company.

Our team can assist you in this matter and advise you in choosing the legal form.

Registering a name

An important condition for opening a business in the United States is registration of a unique name of a New York company. The important thing remains:

  • 100% uniqueness of the name;
  • an easy readability;
  • a name that does not mislead the potential consumer of your services/goods.

Company registration requirements

A registration authority of each jurisdiction has its own requirements for registering a New York company. To open a company in New York, it is necessary:

  • to appoint at least one shareholder and one director (no residency requirements);
  • to obtain a business license in New York;
  • to register a company name;
  • to pay an authorized capital (there are no restrictions on the amount);
  • to open a local office in New York;
  • to hire a local registered agent.

Pay attention to the fact, that, if all conditions and requirements are met, YB Case specialists can provide the opportunity to register a company in New York remotely.

A registered agent

If you have a question who is a registered agent and why it is needed, then this information is for you.

A registered agent is a legal entity or an individual, entitled to receive official postal and

legal notices on behalf of your company. A registered agent must be a resident, have a local address and be available during business hours.

Documents for registering a company in New York

A package of necessary documents for the establishment of a New York company may differ depending on the legal form of your company. But in any case, you will need:

  • a copy of a foreign passport of the founder;
  • a confirmation of the beneficiary's address;
  • a Certificate of company registration;
  • a Charter.

YB Case provides services in the process of collecting a package of documents and their further verification. In order to get in touch with us, use the contacts, listed on the site.

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A license

In order to provide a legal ground for your activities in New York, you need to obtain a business license in the United States. If necessary, we can advise you and help in this process.

To register EIN

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a 9-digit number, issued to your business by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. A document helps the entrepreneur:

  • to open a bank account in the United States;
  • to draw up company taxes;
  • to hire staff;
  • to settle with contractors.

The following companies need EIN:

  • LLC with employees;
  • Partnerships (LLC or C-Corp).

A taxation in New York

We always invite entrepreneurs to study the tax system of their chosen jurisdiction. Therefore, for those, who wish to set up a company in New York, we suggest to consider the following existing types of taxes:

  • a sales tax (for consumers) is 8,49%;
  • a payroll tax is 8,82%;
  • a corporate tax is 6,50%;
  • a federal tax is 21%;
  • dividends are 35%.

Professional assistance

Our company provides an extensive range of services, related to support in registration of a company in the United States. Having started cooperation with YB Case, you can get full support in setting up an enterprise in New York. We also provide professional assistance in opening an account with American banks and obtaining a business license in New York.

You can discuss your questions in more detail by contacting our team in any way convenient for you.

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