A company registration in 2022

Registering companies in mainland jurisdictions has more complex conditions, than in island jurisdictions. All this is due to legal differences - in island countries a weaker legislation, more favorable regulation for business. To register a company, having all the necessary documents, in most cases, you can within a few days. In this article we will consider legal forms, jurisdictions, as well as some relevant features.

But, first of all, it is necessary to find answers to basic questions, related to the company itself and the need for its registration. YB Case specialists will:

  • help to decide on the legal form of the company;
  • help to solve the issue with the number of people involved in the company;
  • assist in choosing the jurisdiction, that is most suitable for a particular business;
  • provide support services in opening a corporate account;
  • assist in obtaining permission for a selected type of activity, if necessary;
  • provide other professional services.

IBC Registration

It is possible to register an IBC in Belize, the Seychelles, BVI, in Anguilla. Main features of companies such as IBC:

  • A taxation is replaced by relatively low annual fees;
  • A company information is protected and confidential;
  • The beneficial owner may not disclose his identity;
  • Loyal restrictions for business activity;
  • Loyal (or completely absent) requirements for accounting or reporting;

If you choose IBC as a legal form, then a company registration in Dominica or another jurisdiction can be carried out with only 1 director/shareholder (an individual/legal entity).

It is possible to use such abbreviations as: Ltd, Inc, Corp., S.A., so on. However, not every jurisdiction allows this. Seychelles have a clear advantage, because in this case they are one of the most condescending. Therefore, if the presence of a certain suffix is ​​important for you, the registering a company in the Seychelles becomes very attractive against other options.

Registering a PLC or LLC

PLC or LLC is characterized by a low tax rate. Confidentiality rules are simplified, names of directors/shareholders can be found in publicly available reports. LLCs are required to maintain accounting records.

Most popular LLC registration solutions are: LLC registration in St. Vincent and Grenadines, Marshall Islands, establishing a PLC in Panama or Costa Rica, in Delaware (the USA).

If you intend to focus on anonymity, it should be noted, that, in Panama, at least three people are required to register Sociedad Anonima. However, this solution may not be the best, if you want to open a corporate account in a Panamanian bank.

Universal company registration solutions

The choice of jurisdiction is a difficult task, which is based on the characteristics of the business, the structure of the future company, the geographical location of the jurisdiction, legal and tax conditions, the available capital.

Please note, that due to the tightening of international rules for adding to the “black lists”, frequent checks, a disclosure of lists of beneficiaries, classical jurisdictions are gradually being supplanted by low-tax ones.

Nevertheless, YB Case experts have the access to subtle tools, using which they creatively find constructive solutions for each individual case and situation. If you have any questions, regarding the subject of the article, our experts are ready to conduct an exhaustive consultation, provide full professional support in registering a company in the BVI, Isle of Man, Belize, Dominica, other jurisdictions, or offer alternative options.

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