Registering a company for ICO

Today, a commercial activity, related to a cryptocurrency, is becoming an inherent part of a modern business. It is possible to open a company for ICO in different jurisdictions, using ICO as a new way to collect investments. Registering an ICO company is implemented with the assistance of competent YB Case specialists.

Every year we observe more and more improved laws in various countries, that regulate a management of cryptocurrency commerce. That is why it is important to navigate, which jurisdiction will be more attractive in order not only to register a company for ICO, but also to be sure, that it meets all basic legislative requirements. Turning to advice with our company, you will receive recommendations on compliance with legal requirements, when registering a company for ICO.

There are jurisdictions, that are more interested in attracting investments through the development of innovative technologies, for example, blockchain companies.

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What help do we offer to entrepreneurs, planning to open a company for ICO?

Our specialists have established partnerships and successfully work with many countries, developing laws for ICO enterprises. We are ready to assist in preparation and submission a set of documents, that regulatory authorities of various states can request to successfully open an ICO company.

Obtaining a license for cryptocurrency is possible only after registering a company to work with ICO. This is a long and difficult process. Turning to us, you will be able to issue a license for cryptocurrency. We are developing a business plan or adjusting an existing one. The Charter is also checked or, if necessary, developed by our competent lawyers.

Open an account for an ICO company is the next stage for the functioning of a cryptocurrency company. Our experts provide a list of banking institutions, that are loyal to ICO companies, and issue accounts for companies, associated with ICOs. We can help to select a jurisdiction, in which tax laws for cryptocurrencies are effective and clearly defined. Software development for ICO is another YB Case service.

Professional advice from specialists is an important point for building a new business. We will definitely be able to help you and suggest how to register an ICO company!

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