A company registration and taxes in Poland in 2022

Poland (a full name is the Republic of Poland) is an amazing state. It was Poland, that in a short time managed to fulfill all requirements of the European Union in order to enter its composition. Country's authorities have made every effort to ensure that, at the moment, the country has many advantages and is a profitable option for foreign investors. If you want to register a company in Poland or open an account for a company in Poland, then our specialists are ready to assist you in this matter.

Advantages of jurisdiction:

  • a stable economic and political situation;
  • a convenient geographical location - a kind of bridge between the eastern and western parts of Europe;
  • the optimal taxation;
  • there are no requirements for the amount of the authorized capital (for LLC);
  • there are no duties on trade with partners from EU countries;
  • a high reputation and reliability.

In this article we will touch on the topic: a taxation in Poland for legal entities and consider how to register a Polish company.

If you are a non-resident of this state, for any reason you live in the country more than 183 days a year, then you automatically become a tax resident.

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Types of taxes in Poland:

  • On civil law actions. The tax rate is progressive. Depends on the nature of the relationship between the payer and the recipient.
  • An agricultural tax.
  • A corporate tax. Paid by legal entities.
  • On the income of individuals. Paid by everyone, who receives a salary.
  • On the inheritance.
  • The tax rate is progressive. Depends on the nature of the relationship of the giving and receiving parties.
  • A forest tax.
  • For real estate. A real estate related to business.
  • A transport tax. It concerns owners of trucks (with a permissible gross weight of more than 3,5 tons), truck and ballast tractors, semi-trailers and trailers, buses.
  • On tonnage (international sea transport). The tax is levied on the income, received by shipping entrepreneurs (transportation of goods, passengers, etc.)
  • On the development of minerals.
  • A value added.
  • An excise. The indirect tax is included in the price of goods and services.

Communes (administrative units in Poland) - have the right to impose their local taxes (advertising, market duties, etc.).

If you want to register a company in Poland, you should know, that non-residents pay an income tax only if it was received from a local source.

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A corporate tax in Poland is 19% (for old companies) and 15% (for new companies).

A VAT is equal to: 0%, 5%, 8%, 23%. The last figure - 23% is the basic tax rate.

You must pay the excise tax, if it was decided to register a company in Poland for the sale of petroleum products, electricity, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. (33 points in total).

What is the most attractive form of business for foreign investors?

The most popular are Limited Liability Companies. The main nuance to be taken into account is that a company with 1 beneficiary will not be able to single-handedly register an LLC in Poland.

The tax burden decreases when there are several founders.

The presence of local citizens in the structure is not required.

You need to get a tax ID.

Is it possible to establish a company in Poland remotely?

To register Spółka z o.o. in Poland remotely is possible by proxy. Experts of our company know more details.

What types of activities are not suitable for the LLC registration in Poland?

Banking, insurance, financial and some other activities require licensing. In addition, sometimes you need to confirm the qualifications.

How to start a business in Poland?

If you want to register a company in Poland or open a corporate account in Poland, YB Case specialists will help you at every stage of this process. In addition, if you are interested in doing business abroad and want to consider other alternative options, then we will help in choosing the best option for a jurisdiction based on your priorities, capabilities, goals.

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