A company registration in the British Virgin Islands in 2024

The British Virgin Islands are a good choice for investors from all over the world. What attracts them? The complete absence of taxes in conditions of a stability. You pay only a fixed annual fee. Buying a company in the UK will take from 2 to 3 weeks, the cost will be relatively inexpensive - a standard package of documents from $1,650. In addition, there is no need for a personal presence during a registration, everything can be done remotely or by contacting YB Case specialists.

Opening a company in the British Virgin Islands requires only one director, who can be both an individual or a legal entity. Also, the shareholder and a director can be one person. No need for a resident secretary.


  • A zero taxation;
  • A low cost of establishing a company;
  • A reasonable cost of a company support (an annual fee);
  • A full confidentiality of information;
  • A flexible legislation;
  • Lack of reporting requirements;
  • It is possible to use a nominee service;
  • Bearer shares are permitted;
  • The ability to conduct any legal activity;
  • Lack of a currency control.

Despite a number of advantages, there are some limitations. For example, companies do not have the right to own a real estate in the British Virgin Islands, and it is also forbidden to provide any services to BVI residents. Names also have a number of restrictions: you cannot use the following words in the name: “Bank”, “Trust”, “Royal” or “Insurance Company”.

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British companies are a prestigious “tax haven” for your business, first of all, it is a pure reputation of this jurisdiction, as well as the economic and legal stability. If you decide to set up a commercial enterprise in the Virgin Islands, pay your attention to the fact, that the business in this area is focused on foreign investors. If you need a professional help in opening a company in the Virgin Islands, our company will be happy to provide you with a quick and profitable solution to all issues with the selection of optimal conditions for your business.

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