A company registration in Estonia

Estonia is a member of the EU since 2004. The advantages of Estonia are:

  • a liberal economy;
  • low taxes;
  • social contributions for wages.

These features make this country very attractive for foreign investors, who want to register a company in Estonia.

Two decades ago, Estonia began to build an information society. Nowadays, technological advantages in Estonia are becoming inconceivable.

We advise you to order personal advice on establishing an enterprise in Estonia with YB Case lawyers.

E-Governance in Estonia

E-Governance is a strategic choice to increase a competitiveness of a state. It is not required to personally visit an agency.

You can request for advice on E-Governance in Estonia from our team.

Digital ID in Estonia

1,3 million Estonian citizens have an identification card with a chip (using a public key encryption). ID card provides digital access to all secure electronic services in Estonia.

You can order professional advice on the requirements of Digital ID in Estonia with YB Case.

I-voting in Estonia

The innovative i-Voting system allows you to vote regardless of your location. The newsletter can be downloaded from any computer, anywhere in the world. Our company will provide advice on i-Voting risk management in Estonia.

A public safety in Estonia

The use of IT tools in security services (electronic police, emergency center, etc.) over the past 20 years has led to a reduction in deaths from accidents. At 93% of emergency calls, service employees answer within 10 seconds. The Estonian police are no longer allowed to stop cars for technical inspection; all relevant data are available, using their on-board computer.

Our experts provide turnkey advice on legal aspects of an implementation of IT projects.

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Blockchain in Estonia

A risk of cyber attacks will always be a part of the information society. Estonia is revolutionizing blockchain. Since 2012, blockchain has been in operational use in Estonian registries (national healthcare coding systems, judicial system, commercial coding).

Blockchain technology in Estonia solves many problems, and is also used by the US Department of Defense, European Union information systems to ensure cybersecurity.

Our experts provide qualified advice to companies, using blockchain technology, and support Blockchain projects in Estonia.

Where is it better to register a business: in Estonia or in Poland?

Why is business in Estonia better than in Poland? After analyzing the World Bank report, we came to the conclusion, that Estonia ranks 12th in terms of ease of doing business, and Poland is significantly behind its competitor, 24th.

Registering a business in Estonia takes 4 days, in Poland 3-4 weeks. For entrepreneurs, this is the biggest difference.

A registration of real estate in Estonia is 17 days, in Poland 33. Based on these advantages, entrepreneurs from Ukraine want to invest in Estonia.

Legal forms in Estonia:

  • Private Joint Stock Company (PJSC);
  • Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC);
  • Partnership;
  • Individual entrepreneur.

Registering a PJSC in Estonia is the most common corporate form for medium/large businesses.

A taxation in Estonia

Estonian taxation is divided into direct and indirect. The first is the corporate tax, personal income tax, gambling tax. Indirect taxes include a VAT, excise taxes, customs. There are no foreign exchange controls or restrictions on foreign investment in Estonia. There are no restrictions on the amount of a foreign capital.

A reporting in Estonia

Companies must submit annual reports to regulatory authorities. Annual audits are needed for large enterprises.

To set up an Estonian enterprise online

Online company registration allows you to open a business in Estonia remotely. This requires an ID card, mobile identification number, E-Residence.

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An electronic tax

An electronic tax registration system, created by the Department of Taxes and Customs, annually receives 95% of tax returns.

An online banking

Estonian banks began to develop high-quality Internet banking services. 99% operations are carried out online. An electronic banking system here is simple, secure, almost instant.

YB Case services include professional advice on electronic banking in Estonia, advice on a protection of domain name rights.

You can open an account with an Estonian bank online , using an ID card, E-Residency, face recognition technology.

How to establish an enterprise in Estonia?

In a personal meeting with YB Case experts, you will learn how to easily start Estonian business.

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