Registering a company in Estonia in 2023

Estonia is located in the northern part of Europe. It is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone.

If you intend to register an enterprise in Estonia, then you are offered a choice of two types of companies:

  • OÜ (a “Limited Liability Partnership”, the analogue of LLC);
  • AS (a Joint Stock Company).

Each of these types of companies has a minimum authorized capital, but it is not necessary to deposit it into the company’s account, it is enough to declare it during a registration.

What are your advantages, when choosing to open a company in Estonia:

  • A low level of a corruption;
  • A stable monetary rate;
  • A simple legal system, that operates with small/medium-sized businesses;
  • It is not included in the “black list” of any state;
  • You can obtain a visa or a residence permit in Estonia;
  • There is an opportunity to buy a ready-made Estonian company;
  • An opportunity to open an account in Estonia;
  • A choice of a bank, that is included in the best banks in the EU;
  • An ability to convert currencies at the exchange rate;
  • An opportunity to receive a certificate of a tax residence;
  • Knowledge of the bank employees in Russian;

About taxation

If you decide to open a business company in Estonia, then you will come across the following situation: in principle, there is no income tax. But there is a certain percentage of the company's net profit in the distribution of dividends - 25%. A VAT is 20%. And, if company's goods are sold outside the Eurozone, then you do not need to pay a tax.

A separate tax exists for company employees (persons, who are residents of Estonia). In this case, a social tax is payable in the distribution of salaries - 33%. If the company employee is a non-resident and carries out his activity outside the country (Estonia), then you do not need to pay a tax.

There are also a number of additional taxes, that may require a payment in the event of a situation: a land tax, customs, transport, excise taxes or gambling.

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When choosing to register a company in Estonia, you must be aware of the submission of reports, which are mandatory in this state. Reporting documentation is provided in several state organizations:

  • Estonian Tax Department - if the company is a taxpayer, by the 10th day of each month (data on social and income tax); until the 20th day of each month (value added tax data.).
  • A Commercial Register - once a year. For each June 30th of the year, the company is required to submit a declaration of financial activities for the past year.
  • Statistics Department - 1 time per quarter. The company must submit documents with the static reporting of the company.

A conclusion

Contact YB Case professionals to register a company in Estonia remotely and after registration you will receive the following documents:

  • B-Card - the information about the company (a registration date, a name, founders, etc.);
  • ACharter;
  • A failure letter and the application;

Buying an IT company in Estonia is interesting to many entrepreneurs. Having completed the procedure for registering a company in Estonia to a non-resident, you will receive favorable conditions for your business, with small investments, benefits and no income tax.

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