Registering a company in Germany: benefits

Germany is one of the most developed states not only in Europe, but throughout the world. It is an economically and politically stable country with a high international status. The main reason for registering a business in Germany is the image of a reliable country and an impeccable government. Germany is a member of the EU, the G8.

Benefits of registering a company in this state:

  • Germany is a country, that does not suffer from a corruption, re-election, revolutions, it is a truly stable state.
  • Enterprises, that have an impact on the economies of underdeveloped regions and companies, that have a need in a modernization, can rely on government subsidies.
  • Favorable conditions for opening a German holding company.
  • The banking sector offers long-term loans with minimal interest rates.
  • The possibility of opening company branches in any of the EU countries.
  • After three years of successful business activity, it becomes possible to obtain the right to permanent y reside in Germany.
  • Lack of currency control.
  • The possibility of using a nominee service.

Among many advantages of doing business in Germany, there are also negative aspects:

  • Entrepreneurs must pay high taxes strictly on time (approximately 50% of profit).
  • A high competition (according to preliminary data, approximately 50% of German business belongs to foreigners).

The German government is very open to starting all kinds of businesses - no matter what your residency is. If you opt to register a company in Germany, you will decide in favor of a country, offering a high quality of life and a fairly stable economic environment. In addition, Germany's culture and friendliness make her attractive to turn an attention to registering a commercial enterprise in Germany.

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Individuals or legal entities, wishing to set up a commercial firm in Germany, should receive expert advice on legislation, accounting and taxation. Turning to the competent specialists of YB Case, you will learn all nuances of establishing a German company.

A registration of a residence permit in Germany is not necessary in order to become the director of a local German company. At the moment, it is not possible to register a company in Germany remotely.

A taxation of German companies cannot be called one of the lowest. A value added tax is 19%. Having become our client, we can tell you how to reduce the VAT rate to 0% for some types of companies.

Professional advice on registering a company in Germany from the YB Case team

Types of companies:

  • Limited Liability Company;
  • Joint-Stock Company;
  • GmbH & Co. KG;
  • Mini-GmbH.

The authorized fund will start from 1 €, depending on the legal type of a company in Germany, chosen by you.

A registered address in Germany is a prerequisite. If you plan to register a company in Germany, we advise you to open a corporate account with a German bank. Banking institutions are rarely quite loyally placed with a remote account in a local bank.

A shareholders meeting is possible anywhere in the world. The number of directors in order to register a company in Germany cannot be less than 1 person of any residence.

YB Case will offer you a list of banks, that are positive about remote account opening in Germany. Contact us by any form of feedback.

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