Registering a firm in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world's largest economic centers. Buying an existing enterprise in Hong Kong is the best solution for potential investors, because they do not need to become a resident for this.

If you decide to set up a Hong Kong commercial firm remotely, you can open a multi currency account with world-famous banks and gain access to your personal electronic account. Also, this jurisdiction has additional exclusive advantages of access to the Chinese market.

Setting up a commercial firm in Hong Kong remotely requires a standard set of documents. Experienced specialists of our company will provide you with professional assistance in collecting all necessary documentation.

Registering an LTD in Hong Kong remotely is a frequent solution for international activities. You also need to choose the right company name. It should not match or be similar to the existing name in a Registry. The main requirement for registering a company remotely is the presence of “Limited” or “LTD” in a company's name.

10 thousand HKD is desirable for setting up an LTD in Hong Kong. A minimum number of shareholders/directors is one.

Business outside this jurisdiction will reduce a tax rate to zero. If activities conducted in Hong Kong, the income tax will be 16,5%.

After buying an existing company in Hong Kong, it is necessary to maintain accounting records and prepare an annual report.

Opening an account in Hong Kong without a personal presence

This state is the 9th largest international banking centers. Its banking system plays an important role as a major credit center. All local banks are required to comply with international risk management standards. A selection of the most suitable bank in accordance with your business requirements will be carried out by our specialists.

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Advantages of opening an account for an LTD:

  • High-quality internet services;
  • Multi-currency accounts (11 currencies);
  • A bank card with the access to 350,000 ATM worldwide;
  • Low fees;
  • A reliable banking system.

Disadvantages of the opening a bank account in Hong Kong without a personal visit:

  • An account will be opened in the name of a nominee representative;
  • Banking compliance is complicated.

The RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) system provides interbank payments for Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, euros, etc.

Acquisition of an existing enterprise in Hong Kong

Some entrepreneurs want to establish a business within a short period of time. Thus, there are registered companies, that have not yet started their activities and do not have any liabilities or debts. These companies are called “existing companies”.

They are listed in the Registry and have a Certificate of Incorporation. You can buy an existing enterprise in Hong Kong with our help. Our company will be able to assist you in acquiring an enterprise in Hong Kong remotely and receiving a certificate after applying to the Registry. It usually takes one to two business days after receiving all necessary documents.

Buying a shelf company in Hong Kong without a personal presence is sometimes beneficial for those, who want to start an entrepreneurial activity promptly. An entrepreneur does not go through all stages of a registration, but instead immediately receives a certificate. A disadvantage is the inability to choose the image of the company, because it is ready from the beginning.

If you are interested in this material, ask for personal advice on registering international companies and accounts from YB Case specialists.

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