Registering a company in Spain in 2024

Entrepreneurs, who want to run their business in Europe may be interested in the jurisdiction of Spain. The article was written for educational purposes for those, who wish to register a company in Spain.

You can open in Spain:

  • a Sociedad Anonima (SA - the analogue of AO);
  • a Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SL - the analogue of LLC).

A company name

The process of registering an enterprise in Spain includes choosing a company name. When registering the name of a Spanish company, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the name must be 100% unique (make sure, that such a name is not patented by another company at the moment and has not been used before);
  • make sure, that the company name is easily readable and memorable for a potential client;
  • corresponds to services/goods, provided by the company (so as not to mislead future consumers).

Requirements and norms

When planning the process of registering a company in Spain, we recommend you to consider the following information:

  • the minimum number of directors (there may be legal entities and individuals) is 1 (without residency requirements);
  • a minimum number of shareholders (legal entities/individuals) is 1 (without residency requirement);
  • the minimum authorized capital is 3,000 euros for SL and 60,000 euros for SA.
  • you should have a local registered agent;
  • having a secretary is optional;
  • there are no requirements for an annual audit of the company.


To open a company in Spain, you must provide a full package of documents. Request for advice on the preparation and notarization of all necessary documentation from YB Case specialists.

A taxation in Spain

Spanish taxation is an important issue for entrepreneurs, who plan to register a Spanish company. We recommend you to pay attention to the following key tax rates:

  • a VAT is 21%;
  • a corporate tax is 25% and 30% (depending on the income of the company).

You can obtain more detailed information by consulting our staff.

professional assistance

We recommend you to ask for professional advice on registering a company in Spain. Having started a cooperation with YB Case, you can count on support in registering a Spanish company, as well as in opening a bank account in Spain.

In order to contact us, use contacts, listed on the site.

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