A company registration in California (USA) in 2023

The rapidly developing economy and the established US legal framework have made this state attractive to entrepreneurs around the world.

California is the most successful and richest state, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The economy is constantly developing due to an agriculture, a show business, an oil, IT-technologies and the space industry. In addition, many richest people on the planet live here, of which more than 600,000 millionaires and about a hundred billionaires.

Registering a company in California provides undeniable advantages for entrepreneurs. Business in this state is cost-effective and highly efficient.

Due to the fact, that all documentation is kept in the electronic form, there is no need for a “blue print”, which greatly simplifies the workflow. For those, who want to open a company in California, there are no restrictions on the number of secretaries, executives or shareholders. Another advantage will be a confidentiality - the anonymity of managers and shareholders.

Legal forms:

  • a General Partnership - GP;
  • a Limited Partnership - LP;
  • a Limited Liability Partnership - LLP/Limited Liability Company LLC (a Limited Partnership limited liability of all partners).

Such companies may be subject to a corporate income tax. In this case, they fully pay the tax. Another option is the LLC company in California, presented as a Partnership. This allows you to first distribute the income between participants and only then pay the tax. This benefit applies only to a corporate income tax. California companies pay other taxes on a common basis. California tax system is one of the most complex, with a staff tax of 8,84%.

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To open an LLC company in California, you will need:

  • a full package of documents;
  • a description of the enterprise;
  • a power of attorney resolution;
  • an apostilled power of attorney;
  • an office;
  • at least 1 beneficiary;
  • annual fees (if resident) or taxes (if non-resident);
  • the account for a California company;
  • a license for the architect, an accountant and a lawyer.

Features of establishing a company in California:

  • the state may have non-residents;
  • documents are submitted in the electronic form, without seals;
  • a registration time for California LLC is up to 14 days.

Experienced specialists of YB Case will tell you about all nuances of doing business in the USA, will assist in registering a company in the USA and in opening an account in the USA. Thus, you will avoid difficulties, and also optimize time and resources.

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